Saturday, October 17, 2020

I am so blessed

Hi Everyone!
This year has been hard on everyone. It doesn't matter where you live the world is in chaos, due to covid (and other things) that has brought out the worst and the best in people. I am going for the best today. I have a very good friend, that moved from Florence last year, named Donna. Donna and her DH are master gardeners and for years tried to get me to grow a garden.  I think I tried a few things but just wasn't into it. Why, should I when Donna gifted me from her garden? :) Anyway, Donna moved to the high desert here in Oregon and the other day I received a surprise box from her. I couldn't imagine what it was. I am the girl that can't wait to open packages. I sprayed the box with disinfectant and ripped into it. I was in awe.
It is a 415 page, hard bound Veggie cook book. The pages are filled with 200 recipes and full colored photos. It truly is a beautiful cook book.
 Maybe some of you have this book already?

All the photos are high quality and beautifully staged. I am going to make this today.
Green lentil and spinach soup. That just sounds so good to me. 
Since I am on the subject of food. I want to answer a comment I received from Lisca from Scrapping Cavewoman blog  Last Tuesday I mentioned that I went grocery shopping and when I got home sterilized the food. Lisca queried about that.  
Long before covid some thirty years long before, some friends and I toured a food preparation factory, in fact we toured several that day. Seeing how food is manufactured and then stored made me realize how...... un clean everything is. Ohhh there are regulations and the food itself is as good as it can be, however the cans, boxes and bags that the food go into are not so. All of these things are stacked in warehouses that can't help but have rats, mice, birds, and what ever else roaming around. Then this food is taken to big box store warehouses where there is the same situation. From there food is taken to stores where it is put on the shelf. Now, in my younger days I worked for a large grocery store chain and believe me when I say, Yuck. Once the store is open you have people shopping and a good lot of them are NOT clean or aware of what they are doing. The pick up a can of corn look at then put it back. We have all done this. I don't know where that hand has been. Who has touched the food and put it back. Who has coughed or sneezed on the row of items. I am telling you working in a grocery store shows you just how gross people and especially kids can be. Now with covid EVERYTHING that comes into my house gets sterilized.
I have been teased about this over the many years, but I don't really care. If it makes me feel safer then I will do it. 
P.S. before covid I wore a mask when I went out during the winter.
With lupus I try not to take any chances. 
What do you do to feel safer?
Enjoy your day.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


Divers and Sundry said...

That lentil soup looks tasty. I keep lentils on hand but have never added spinach. I don't disinfect items, but I do wash my hands after handing them.

Iris Flavia said...

Huhhhh... To finance a holiday I worked in a food factory. YUK.
For years I did not touch "convenience" food. Oh, yuck. Cockroaches (in Germany!!!), maggots, spiders, you name it. I was 17 and especially at night shift the men came over, "here, you gotta eat, I 'stole' this for you, it´s still warm!"
Help! I was raised being polite and can you guess I ate it... with my eyes very closely on every spoon I took!

Barbara said...

We disinfected everything in the beginning of the virus spreading and for months beyond, but have backed off since. We are committed to continuing all the other precautions, and now with the possibility of a second wave we may go back to disinfecting everything. It’s all so very hard, but we are thankful the virus hasn’t touched us.
So sad for those it has touched. I love Lentil soup, I think Progresso makes one with spinach. Enjoy!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, now you know what to do with all your garden veggie produce!

Christine said...

I will look forward to seeing what you create and love from this book!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I put all my canned goods in quarantine for three or more days, just as I do my mail. Then I either wipe it down with a Lysol wipe or wash it with soap (Dawn) and water. I figure if Dawn gets rid of oil in duck fur, it should be pretty good at keeping COVID at bay. I wash and dry all my fruit and veggies before I put them away. I wash my coffee cream (1/2 and 1/2) and any food that must go immediately in the fridge or freezer using a Lysol wipe. I disinfect my mailbox once a week and I wear disposable gloves and a mask even when I go out to check my mail. Like you, I am careful, cautious, and scared to DEATH of this disease.

What an incredibly thoughtful gift, dear. Your soup sounds wonderful. I wish I was more interested in cooking. Right now, the most I've made lately is green bean casserole and chilies rellenos. Have a safe and happy weekend, Nicole.

JFM said...

I collect cookbooks and some of them are literally works of art. This one is a beauty. Have fun.

Lisabella Russo said...

The book looks beautiful! I think it's smart that you sterilize your market purchases. I'm thinking about doing it now too. Thank you!

Lowcarb team member said...

I think you are going to enjoy this book ...
That soup looks good doesn't it.

All the best Jan

yonosoymillenium said...

que interesante este libro, siempre va bien para poder mejorar nuestra cocina y salud

Luiz Gomes said...

Boa noite. Que vontade de ter esse livro em minhas mãos e folhea-lo.

Tom said...

...for supper tonight my wife made chicken soap filled with veggies, mighty good.

Tammie Lee said...

Ah, you have an added reason for masks and sanitizing things.
I wonder if food factories have improved in the past 30 years.
I basically do not eat processed foods: precooked, packaged foods, hard to know what all goes into the making. I like simple basic foods. That book looks wonderful. How did the soup turn out?