Monday, September 21, 2020

Good Monday Morning

Hi Everyone!
It's Monday, tomorrow starts the first day of fall. It arrived wayyyy too fast for me. 2020 has been a hell year and will go down in history as such. I write this post with heavy heart. I try not to get political on my blog but the circumstances in the US are beyond dire. The passing of a true hero RBG, has given the "thing" in the white house another check in his "win" book of horrors. It is truly a time to stand up and stand for our democracy. 
Time to change the subject.
As for my personal history, I feel like I accomplished as much as I could with the circumstances that surround not only me but all of us. Yesterday, it was time to clean out some of the garden. The ash filled toxic air last week did take it's toll on some of my veggie plants.
 I am just thankful they were at the end of their growing cycle,
 although a few pepper plants didn't make it.
I will begin winter sowing next month and get a real start on next years garden. 
I belong to a few garden groups on FB and a question was posed on one of them,
"What did you learn this year from gardening"
Well for me it is EVERYTHING, however, I answered that question with
"Even though my little garden produced a lot of food the one thing I learned is
to grow more." 
This is what is left and I hope they do well over the next month.

The front pots with herbs will go into the house. They have produces so much for me this year.
Look at that beautiful dill. The very back plants are beans that are still producing.

This plant was marked as a watermelon seed.
Uhhh it is a big health tomato plant with loads of toms on it.
I removed 6 plants from the space yesterday. The squash just keeps on giving.

This was filled with buckets and containers of food now just 6 are left. Of course squash and beans, Brussels  sprouts and I moved a pepper plant over there.

These are 3 kinds of peppers. They are not doing well from the toxic air we had from the fires. I am babying them along. Next year peppers and tomatoes will go into a green house. It is too cold on the OR. coast for them. Anyway in my yard. 

You can grow food in the smallest of areas in containers. My grandson has a small 4x4' space and grew carrots, peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes all in containers. He also says next yearr he will grow more. You can do it too.

Have a very nice Monday.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Your plants look amazing. I can tell you live in an area with much more moisture than we have had here. You have so much green.

  2. There is something warm and welcoming about a garden, such as yours.

  3. You are a natural at growing things! It’s all very beautiful. Amen to your concern about the mismanagement of our great country, and the passing of an amazing woman and role model. Everyone, please vote!

  4. Nicole,

    I tried growing cucumbers and tomatoes in containers years ago. They didn't do as well as I'd liked but I didn't give up. I tried again a couple of years in a row with similar results until I finally decided to give it up. Right now I'm just side lining these desires. I'm hoping with our next home we'll have a nice yard where we can put some raised bed in to try to produce some fresh veggies. Your container garden looks fabulous. I'm glad to know just how successful you were. :) Have a good week, dearie!

  5. I'm glad that you are taking so much interest in your garden and finding joy there. I'm in some kind of limbo right now. It's like I'm stuck on a board game and not sure what the next move is.
    xx, Carol

  6. FB is where I do my political ranting lol, but I wholeheartedly agree with your views. We're in a tragic state of affairs here, and I'm not seeing a good outcome :(

    I'm impressed your plants have done so well. My patio faces north, so except for some time during high summertime I get no sunshine. I've tried and failed with veggies. I'll just sit here and enjoy yours :)