Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Busy Wednesday

Hi Everyone!
Today is going to be a very busy day. The smoke is lingering but we are pretty clear compared to the rest of Oregon and the entire west cost. I am sorry that this smoke has now touched the east cost. If it comes your way be sure to wear a respirator or and N95 mask when you go out. 
Particles in the smoke latch onto the lungs.
Today I have more cabs to make and get listed on my website,
Iris Flavia left a comment asking what a cab, (cabochon), is.
A cab is made of any material from stone, glass, wood, plastic, paper, polymer, resin and so on.
Cabs are most known for stone that can be set into a frame and made into bolos, necklaces, bracelets and what ever else one can think of. 30 years ago when I was writing instructional articles for magazine, books and zines glass cabs became very popular. Glass makers fused glassed to make amazing cabs. Clear glass became popular to paint or use digital pictures to make cabs. Most of this is used for jewelry but I have used cabs on my gourd art, canvas art, and on my leather art. There are many different sizes and shapes for cabs. The main size is a 40x30mm oval shape. Cabs have a flat back to adhere it to ANYTHING, with a domed top. 
They are quite wonderful additions to any art. 
Here are a few of the ways I have used cabs.
All art by Nicole Campanella.


 This is a double face cab made of clay. Along with round black onyx and oval and square cats eye.

 Agate cab bracelet.

 I made the cab and the neclace


 There are 2 cabs in this piece

Right now I can't fine my gourd photos. I will try and post those later.
So those are just a few things you can do with cabs.
This is my haul from yesterday out of the garden.
Beautiful sweet celery, onions, squash and tomatoes.

Today I am making celery soup and then canning it. 
I also learned that if you wrap celery in aluminum foil it will last a very long time in the fridg.
If you wash the celery first make sure it is dry before wrapping in foil.
Enjoy your day.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. A lovely combination of cabs and veggies
    Happy Wednesday Nicole. Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday this wee


  2. Lovely cabs and fantastic garden goodies. Stay safe! Valerie

  3. Cab art is awesome! Thx for the celery tip. So glad your air is improving. Cloudy in south Jersey, but it doesn’t look Smokey.

  4. Wow!!!! My Dad was and my Brother is a Goldsmith, bet they´d love this, also! The cab, I mean ;-)
    Do you give lessons, sell?

  5. Hi Nicole it's been awful watching the news about the smoke and incredible darkened skies, wise words regarding the masks, my Hubby would be terrified to be outdoors with his respiratory problems. Brighter news about your cabs, they always please me when I see them really beautiful works of wearable art.
    You've got another bounty from your garden, told you my little garden was too small to grow such things hee hee... Thank you for the tip about the celery, I'd have never thought to have wrapped it that way, I really need to try it.
    Take care and enjoy your produce Hugs Tracey xx

  6. This is the first time I know what taxi art is and it turns out that it is very beautiful and artistic. Thank you for introducing the shape and name. Greetings from Indonesia.

  7. That necklace is beautiful. Your veggie garden is doing so well! I've never tried wrapping celery in foil. It spoiled so quickly I ended up buying one of those veggie storage containers for the fridge. That's working for me, but if I'd known about aluminum foil I'd've tried that first.