Thursday, April 2, 2020

PPF and Art Journal Journey

Hi Everyone!
Be sure to stop by both blogs to see  what all of the artist are sharing. 
I don't have much today but I thought this painting would be good for both PPF and AJJ
The prompt for AJJ is geometric art and the host this month is Valerie from Bastelmania
This weekend I am going to lock myself in my art room and get some real creating done. For now though here is what I got.
Acrylics on canvas. 

And a few for the week. Working on hair.

 To all who come this way please be safe and Elbow hugs
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Lovely art, those bold squares on canvas are very striking! Thanks for linking to AJJ, much appreciated! Great faces, too. Happy PPF, stay safe, Valerie

  2. Love your painting and your drawings are beautiful.

  3. This is a great journal, you have to have ideas!
    Your hair is beautiful from your drawings, you are getting better and better!
    Have a good time and stay healthy!
    Greetings Elke

  4. Oh Nicole each time I visit I see more and more detail added to your hair work, amazing portraits and a fabulous first creation for AJJ. Stay safe & take care of your precious self & make the most of your time in your crafty space. I feel the need to get into mine although it's looking a little cramped since my Daughter returned due to this world wide crisis but it's so lovely to have her near.
    Creative light & wishes being sent your way & Happy PPF Tracey xx

  5. The geometric piece is awesome, great contrast and lovely melding of colors. Were some of the strokes done with a palette knife?

  6. I absolutely adore the beautiful abstract squares you created, Nicole. Moody and atmospheric. Thanks for sharing this spread with us using Valerie's theme at Art Journal Journey.

    BTW, IF this is virtual, I'm giving you a BIG hug (I'm a hugger), not just an elbow bump. Still loving your paintings/sketches.

  7. Interesting page and beautiful portraits.
    Stay healthy ♥️

  8. Your abstract piece is amazing Nicole, such wonderful texture!
    Great sketches too, he's a handsome fella ;-)
    Alison xx

  9. I really like your acrylic Nicole, it has so much texture! And you do hair so well!!! (jealous!!) :)

  10. cool looking canvas art, and I am loving your drawings Nicole. Happy PPF!

  11. Love your portraits!!! It's always nice to visit you!

  12. I love the texture in your painting and the contrast between the light and the dark. And your sketches, wow! The hair on that man is terrific! Well done! I got your email, so happy you received mine! I'll write soon. Stay safe xox

  13. Your abstract square page looks awesome, lovely textures, and thank you for linking to Valerie's theme at Art Journal Journey.
    Your sketches look wonderful as well

  14. What wonderful drawings and your abstract is intriguing!

  15. lol, you are getting good sketching the hair :)

  16. Lovely hair sketches and intriguing abstract art ~

    Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    Ps. Pray, send well wishes whatever it is you do to help heal Zoe ~ having problem with her little leg xox

  17. His hair was already pretty Nicole but, alrighty. You're a perfectionist like me... Which doesn't have to be a bad thing, at all. So, do your thing, girl!

    And her hair is just lovely! :)

  18. Really like your abstract painting!! Your drawings are beautiful! Love the hair! Big Hugs!


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