Thursday, March 19, 2020

TAD with Rain

Hi Everyone!

I am running so far behind. I promise to get to your blogs to catch up.  Today Thursday Art Date with Rain the prompt is  light and dark. I had some very cool things in mind but like I said I have been so busy and just running behind. 
I painted this last night in about a minute and a half. LOL OK, a bit longer than that.
It is black and white acrylics painted on an 8x10" gallery canvas.  

 You all know how much I love painting with black and white so here are a few older pieces that are part of my Black to White series.
 This is a 6x20" gallery canvas.

 Another 16x20" gallery canvas

This is a 12x24" gallery canvas
and finally this is one of my molded leather pieces.
I forget the measurements on it, but it is big!

Be sure to stop by Rain's Garden to see all of the artists who have joined in. 
Thanks for stopping by and be safe where ever you are.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. I love your black and white pieces! They are a joy to see. Thank you!

  2. what great beautiful paintings that you have for the subject.
    This vessel is great!
    I wish you a good creative time and stay healthy!
    Hug, Elke

  3. WOW, Nicole. These paintings are incredible. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE them. You draw so well and you paint beautifully. Simply stunning examples of your art, dear.

  4. Beautiful pieces Nicole, black and white is always effective. Stay safe, Valerie

  5. Oh wow, Nicole...

    That black and white acrylic work of yours is quite amazing! I love the first and the third one the most, they're wonderful! Oh, and that fourth one is really pretty too!

    Great stuff, girl... ^.^

  6. Hi Nicole :)) Your mountains are beautiful! I LOVE black and white acrylic painting! I have all sorts of colours, but whenever I paint with acrylics, I only use black and white now, I love the contrast! Your molded leather bowl is SO COOL!!! I've never seen that before, my gosh! :))) And you 12x24 Forest is my favourite. I'm a tree gal that's for sure! Thanks for taking time to join in, I'm in the same dang busy, I can't find a spare moment to take a deep breath these days!!

  7. Lovely work in black and white!

  8. I had forgotten how much I like the white on black art until Rain gave us this prompt and several artists used the technique. Yours are awesome ... I especially love the trees with their shadows. And you bowl ... leather??? What a great idea and how beautiful it is. You seem to have endless talent, Nicole ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. I too like white on black. My favorite among them are the second one, the trees. Looks a bit like infrared image :) And also, love all your leather work. This one is no exception.
    I´m healthy so far. No one in my family has the virus so, so far so good. I have been walking on a boardwalk to a birding platform today. Sunshine but chilly. Lots of swans out there. :)

  10. I Don’t know how I missed this post! The black-and-white series is beautiful, contrast

  11. Ooops, my comment took off too soon. I love the black/winter contrast! I think we like the same subject matter.


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