Friday, March 13, 2020

PPF Friday 13th

Hi Everyone!

First Friday the 13th is one of my best and lucky days. So I am looking forward to some goodness coming my way today.
As most of you know I am concentrating on drawing hair. uuuhhhhggggg...... Short hair is better for me than long right now. I wish I had someone in person to help me with this. Sighhh... I don't so I will continue with you tube and books. 
Here is what I did yesterday.
 I was not happy with this hair at all and so decided to neglect the face. There is a real talent to drawing hair and I am not quite there. LOL More practice.

This was my attempt at short hair the other day and I feel better with this.

I am going to try and paint this weekend and maybe hair is easier with a paint brush. 

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Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Oh hey Nicole, I remember the last one but the first one is even better - more details. The girl is slaying, literally. So fierce, the hair is on point in that one. Great job, girl!

    And hope you enjoy the goodness that's coming your way, too... ^.^

  2. Amazing Nicole, you are doing a grand job with your faces and added attention to detail within the hair. I'd love to be sat next to you and sketch along whilst you create these. I find longer hair much easier to draw, it maybe because I have long hair myself so it's something visual for me each day.
    Like you Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day, with many to do's today i'm hoping this day will be a lucky one. Sending hugs & light your way take care Tracey xx

  3. That is very good the hair! Great images!
    Have a good Day, Elke

  4. I used to have long, luxurious locks like your drawing today! Man, that was a million years ago.

  5. I am with you about Friday 13th ..but I am not with you about the long hair you created..II think it turned out super good and would finish her up!!!
    Don't be so super critical with yourself Nicole!

    Big hugs and happy weekend!

  6. You've succeeded very well, Nicole.
    Both drawings are beautiful.
    Happy PPF xx

  7. Both looks great to me. I met my husband on a Friday 13th. :)

  8. I think you've done beautifully-both drawings are wonderful!

  9. I think your drawings of the hair are super Nicole. Happy PPF!

  10. I think both are wonderful ~ And hope you are doing well ~ Be safe and well. ^_^

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  11. They both look ok for me...I'll try to draw hair too for this weekend. I know it's difficult but you made me curious to try again.
    Take care!