Monday, January 6, 2020

Monday Memories

 Hi Everyone!
It is a stormy, windy day and I have to go out in it to see the eye doctor again. I will let you know how this visit goes. (Praying for some results) However, I want to forget about all of that for now. I am enjoying my Monday Memories. Going through old photos on my flash drive or from our (real life) photo albums. Today I am showing some art that I just picked from a folder. Things that I have created over many decades. Yep, I have been making my living selling my art for that long. Not always easy but very satisfying. There are some pieces that I just can't or don't part with. Some of these I still have.  Do you have art you just can't part with?

This is the very first piece I carved. It is soapstone. Then I  used old tri-cut seed beads and Turquoise to create this necklace. I still have this one.

This is a 3-D seed bead necklace that I created in 1988. I still wear this. 

I love this piece. A heart with 3-D beaded flowers coming out form the middle and surrounded by very old Swarovski. All done in size 15/o or smaller beads. I was a guest with the YAMANAKA family, who owns Toho seed beads. I gifted this to Mrs YAMANAKA

11 years ago our local bead group put one a challenge with glass containers made by a local glass artist. It was so much fun. This is mine.

I really enjoy making leather masks. This is my sun mask. Sold 10 years ago.
This one sold as well.

One of my favorite drawings that I did in the car on a road trip. It is framed and hangs in my art room.

This is a drawing from many years ago. I remember being board and picked up a magazine and saw this face. I just sat down and drew it.

I hope you enjoyed the memories.
Have a great Monday.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Beautiful work. Good luck at the doctor's. Valerie

  2. Wow, wonderful creations. Hope it all goes well for you.

  3. Love your framed face, Nicole - it seems to be a view through a keyhole - amazing! But so are all the other are just SO creative ;-) Hope all goes well!
    Cath x

  4. Wow Nicole, your beadwork is unbelievable. I can see why you wouldn't sell those two necklaces. The detail is amazing and I can see how time consuming it would be. You would NEVER get what they are worth, anyway.

    I can see how the masks sold. With Mardi Gras coming soon, I am sure you could make a fortune if you made some of them in Mardi Gras colors (green, purple, gold). I have some purple leather I've considered trying to turn into a mask. However, I suspect it would be in vain, since I can't draw, much less create a mask.

  5. That sun mask would be great for a summer solstice ritual!

  6. I have enjoyed seeing your art creations …
    Hope all goes well at the Doctors.

    All the best Jan

  7. Good luck to the ophthalmologist !!
    These are beautiful jewelry and the pictures are great!
    I am also amazed at some of the pictures I sometimes think today, I painted it.
    Greetings Elke

  8. Wow! You have created so many beautiful things, Nicole! I can see why you might prefer not to part with them. I have several pieces of art that I am keeping because I love them so much. They seem like a part of myself and I got very attached whilst creating them. I guess that sounds silly, but it happens to me sometimes. Take care, and have a great week! :o)