Sunday, November 3, 2019

AEDM Day 3

 Hi Everyone!

I feel like I am becoming my old/new self. I can't tell you how difficult this whole eye experience has been for me. Especially ending up with partial eye sight loss. I want to thank all of you who have supported me through this, not so fun, adventure. Your comments, private emails, and wonderful get well cards through the real mail have all encouraged and helped me to get off my butt and stop feeling sorry for myself. 
So thank you for all of the love. 
In addition I want to thank the wonderful ladies 
who promote and inspire people to create. 
Eva and Kristen from Paint Party Friday. I have been with this group close to the very start. 
Leah from Art Every Day Month. She has been holding this wonderful event for 18 years. I am so glad I found her. Last but certainly not least Rain's Garden where every Thursday is a new prompt to create about.  All of the above has allowed me to get back into the art room. 
The wonder of people, we rise by helping others.

Okayyy... I am working on a piece of art that goes with my Shock Art series, it isn't finished so late last evening  created this piece that goes with my Black to White series. 
I will have something more refined tomorrow. LOL

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Love this because it speaks of progression and the journey of life...few of us ever went seeking what life throws at us, even if some experiences may be more devastating than others. I'm so pleased people have supported you and encouraged you in your journey and hope you'll be able to stay positive. We all need others at times ;-) It certainly hasn't stopped you creating amazing art!!
    Cath x

  2. A wonderful late night creation!

  3. I'm totally impressed with what you have already accomplished. This is absolutely amazing, especially for late night work. I am truly amazed at this beautiful piece. It's quite strong and bold, even in this stage.


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