Thursday, August 8, 2019

PPF Retina yikes

Hi Everyone!

Well what a week. I had an eye doctor apt. on July 24th. He is a new ophthalmologist to me, my regular doctor retired, or quit he was pretty young. Anyway, the exam goes well, got new prescription for glasses and that was that. EXCEPT on August 2 I woke up with a floater in a complete circle and seeing sparks. The doc gets me in on Tuesday and this ring floater is called a weiss floater and is pulling on my retina, thus seeing sparks. He said the retina is fine right now and to rest my eye. Uhhhh and how is that done? I have sun glasses on as I write. It helps a lot. Staying off the PC as much as possible, and wearing a patch. In a few weeks if it is not better or if it is worse I need to phone him for surgery. Ohhhh hell NO. I would rather go to the dentist that the eye doctor. So that is life for me right now. I did get some art done before the doctor.
However, before I show you that. I want to tell all of my international friends about a new beading site that is open in the Netherlands. She carries my Nicole's BeadBacking too so for all of you closer to the Netherlands than the US you can now order from Yvonne at

So here are the drawings I did this week

I am not finished with her hair but it will have to wait until my eye gets better.  

 And this one

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thanks Eva and Kristen

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Such beautiful sketches, very detail, amazing! Happy PPF!

  2. Those drawings are really excellent - such expression. Happy PPF from Number 14 :D

  3. Lovely portraits. My favourite today is the first one
    Happy PPF


  4. Your art is always wonderful and these are amazing.
    Hope your eye is better very soon.
    Happy PPF!!!

  5. Oh my goodness..that sounds so scary. I sure hope your eyes get better. Your portraits are awesome, as always. :)

  6. Oh no - hope the eye gets better. Your drawings are wonderful.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your optical issues, and pray that it all gets resolved soon. It hasn't affected your artwork, because your portraits are as amazing as usual. Happy PPF!

  8. wow Nicole, keep us posted on that eye, never heard of a circle floater with sparks. Nice art by the way.

  9. Lovely sketches. The first one is my favourite though. I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  10. problem with the eyes is really bad. :( I hope it heals soon.

    Love your ladies today :)

  11. So sorry to read about your eye issues, do please take care, and I hope the condition improves soon for you.

    I did enjoy your sketches.

    All the best Jan


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