Thursday, March 7, 2019

PPF Introduction to Bead Artist.

 Hi Everyone!

For this Paint Party Friday I am introducing 
Rhonda Teris. She is an amazing bead artist and a very nice lady. So, in her own words I give you Rhonda Teris.
I worked in Accounting for various companies until an old neck injury, mid and lower back problems, and fibromyalgia forced me to quit. I have always loved arts and crafts and DIY projects. My grandmother was teaching me basic crochet stitches when she passed away – I was 11 at the time – and even though I only know single, double, and triple crochet I have made scarfs and blankets throughout my life.
About five years ago I was in Michael’s to get yarn, and I went into the jewelry making section. I thought it looked like fun, so I bought some stretch cord, beads and charms and started stringing. I made cute bracelets for the gals I worked with.
My son loved art so much he got his Master’s in Education at UC Santa Barbara, and is now an art teacher at Santa Barbara High School. When I have questions about color or design, he points me in the right direction. He suggested I get a color wheel and it sure helps me! I tend to overthink things so much that I end up exhausted with no solution. The color wheel is a great tool that I use quite a bit. He also explained why groupings with an odd number of objects/beads is more interesting to the eye than an even number. My son is very encouraging – no wonder his students love him! He told me about Craftsy, and I immediately created an account and started taking classes. The one on bead embroidery was my favorite. I put aside all the copper and wire I had been making wire wrapped jewelry with and dove into bead embroidery. I love all the crystals and beautiful beads that I work with, and I get compliments on my pieces when I do wear one.
I recently joined a couple of bead embroidery Facebook pages, and what a wealth of information and tips I get from other beaders! Everyone is so helpful, and I get constructive and honest tips and feedback and I truly appreciate it. There are also quite a few YouTube videos that walk you through making a cuff or other bead embroidered items. I also have books by Sherry Serafini, Heidi Kummli, and Jamie Cloud Eakin – fantastic instructions and easy to follow diagrams.
I stopped working in an office three years ago, and I am trying to support myself by doing notary work, taxes, and selling jewelry. I am still so new to beading and I know there is a lot more for me to learn – I wish I had found bead embroidery 20 years ago!
Rhonda also uses Nicole's BeadBacking for her beading foundation. To help her color wheel there are 18 different colors. 
Here are just a few of Rhonda's lovely beading.

Click on the photos to see larger view. 

Hope you enjoyed this.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Rhonda does indeed make lovely jewelry!

  2. Beautiful beading and jewellery.

    All the best Jan

  3. Thank you for sharing her story and beautiful pieces! Happy PPF!

  4. Great beautiful jewelry! happy PFF

  5. Such gorgeous jewellery and the beading is wonderful too :D)

  6. What a talented lady! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  7. Indeed very beautiful. I've made many of those Tree of life pendants in my time, the twisting of wire is so therapeutic. Two out of three of my Children share my love of everything Art with my youngest Son currently doing his Master's in Digital Art. I hope he goes onto great things as they too can be an encourager.
    Happy PPF and Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  8. Breath taking pieces thanks for introducting us to this fine artist


  9. lovely beading and intro to Rhonda. Happy PPF!

  10. These are gorgeous! As much as I loved beading, I never achieved anything like this. Thanks for sharing Happy PPF

  11. Thank you for introducing us. Such beautiful pieces!!

  12. Nice to meet Rhonda and see her lovely jewelry!

  13. amazing just amazing, I am always in awe of creative people who can make beautiful things

  14. Beautiful pearl decorative!
    I admire, Skillful!

  15. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments! I never thoughtof myself as creative, but with all the amazing artists out there I have learned so much and I really owe it to them and you!


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