Thursday, February 2, 2017


Hi Everyone!

OMGosh I can not believe this week has gone by so quickly and now it is February! I have been creating every day but some project need time for drying.   First a huge thank you to Eva and Kristen for hosting Paint Party Friday and to all the artists who share their art.  
For all of you who had questions about the health care here. Florence Oregon is the hub of health care for the mid/southern part of Oregon. There are other facilities and hospitals but Peace Health is a huge corporate hospital in 3 different states. We have a large hospital that takes care of all needs from surgery to trauma to family care. My town has a population 8,000. P. H. also takes care of people who come from the smaller surrounding towns. It has always been a monopoly here. You join P.H. or you don't practice in Florence. That somehow changed two years ago when a husband/wife MDs came to Florence and said we are here. Now.. last year in Florence 8 doctors quit 1 was fired for stating his position in the local news paper. So 9 doctors gone leaving 6,000 people without health care. There are other MDs and DOs here but they could not take any new patients. The hiring of new MDs or DOs has not happened so last month P.H. hired three PAs they were  hired under the condition that P.H would pay all or part of their college tuition's. Nothing against these people, however fresh out of college and working under what physicians? Ohhh the ones that couldn't take new patients! I was assigned a PA a few weeks ago and DH just this week got a different one.  On top of that the huge P.H. located in Eugene, OR lost 27 doctors. Most of them are leaving because a large corporation out of Seattle bought them out and have installed rules that don't go with caring for people. Like NOT being able to prescribe pain meds to chronic pain patients. Which brings me to our pain management facility that closed his door on Jan. 27. With a 4 day notice to patients and staff this doctor of 27 years closed his doors due to financial problems. He lost two partners a few years ago and was unable to get anyone to take their places. This left a huge financial burden on him.  Ok I get it, but he had two years to figure it out and plenty of time to let people know. He left 3,000 patients out in the cold. So the closets place we can find a pain management now is in Salem, OR. about 2 1/2 hours away and that is if they accept our insurance. Oh and the doctor who closed his doors is not giving out any referrals. WTH
Upset? just a little. Upset that the government allows big corporations, pharma, and insurance to rule doctors. 
Upset that doctors won't fight back in fear of loosing their license to practice.
I hope this answers some if not all of the questions I have been receiving. OK now if you read all of that take a breath it is time for the art.

Molded leather skull with leather flowers.

I think her hand is a bit long but it is only the second hand I have drawn.

The lighting is so bad here inside and out that my photos are washed out. Can't see all the shading and details.

Looking forward to seeing all of the art this week.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Beautiful leather work! And I think the hand if perfect, very nicely done!

  2. Nicole, I had no idea that some areas are having such horrible problems with healthcare! Hopefully our system will get straightened out. Your leatherwork is beautiful. The flowers are gorgeous, and I love the shells added.

  3. The leather flowers are amazing and your portraits too! Happy weekend!

  4. So sorry about all the medical woes! It sounds complicated and corrupt!? So much happening right now in our country is frightening and frustrating! I hope we can all pull together so we can survive it all!

    Your art is varied and quite lovely! Your portraits very well done!

  5. Wonderful work from you again, but your health care situation is awful. Hope there will soon be a good solution. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. Hello Nicole, Your leather work is so intricate - I love the inclusion of shells and beads. All so well done!
    The sketches are wonderful - full of expression and each a different personality.
    May you have very good news, real soon, about the state of medical facilities and practitioners. Hugs :D)

  7. Wonderful artwork here.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Happy PPF

  8. Wonderful artwork Nicole! Your molded leather piece is very unique and creative! Great sketches too! Happy PPF :)

  9. Wow, your leather work is exquisite as are your drawings! That hand is impressive! I'm so sorry you are having to deal with such hardship when it comes to your healthcare. That whole system is so broken! I'm envisioning surprising solutions for you! xoxo Silke

  10. Worrying times for sure Nicole, but hopefully sense will prevail and answers will come soon.
    As for your leather work... it is incredible. So unique. I've never seen anything like it before. Beautiful delicate colours too.
    Your sketches are great too. Hands can be so hard to draw but then so are faces! Happy PPF to you

  11. so much medical politics, who knew? Your leather work is so beautiful. Enjoyed your portraits too.

  12. Your leather art is amazingly beautiful, especially flowers.
    Very unique, indeed.
    Have a happy weekend ♥

  13. The art is lovely! You are fantastic. I'm sorry you're in such a jam healthcare wise. I hope the situation improves.

  14. omg that is really complicated .... What a mess! I knew healthcare in the US leaves a lot to be desired, but I had no idea it was this bad ... So sorry for you! That must be really frustrating. I hope making art can take your mind of things a bit. Your sculpted skull is beautiful, I love the leather flowers. And your faces can count as the first three of 29, no!?

  15. Hi Nicole! Thank you for visiting me earlier today and leaving such a nice comment. I appreciate the encouragement. Wow! I feel so bad for you in such a health CRISIS!!!! I have medical care through a hospital/health care. It's a little bit away but that's okay. All my doctors care and I am getting ready for another surgery. I feel so grateful for the care I get. It's so hard to imagine what you are going through, especially pain mgmt care. People cannot just get cut off all their meds, pain or other, like that. How horrible! I am so sorry you are being impacted like this!

    Your faces are so pretty. I am dealing with the weather also impacting being able to photograph anything. Happy PPF and hope you have a good weekend too. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your community. Big hugz, Rasz

  16. I feel for you! So complicated, hopefully it gets worked out quickly and with little cost to you! Stunning leather work and I am such a fan of your gorgeous faces! I hope one day you put them a booklet for yourself!!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. what a beautiful sculpture! I´m usually not interested in skulls but this is lovely. Flowers and all. :)

    Healthcare seem to be a problem everywhere. :( Ours is downhill too.

  18. The hand is just right, Nicole. And what a drama for your healthcare! I think the drawing with the hand is probably expressing just how you feel.

  19. Nicole, I am so sorry about what is happening with the health care around you! I wish I could do something for you!!!! I will keep praying!! Your skull leather face is so cool and I love the face with the hand! Well done! Big Hugs!


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