Sunday, February 19, 2017


Hi Everyone!

We are back from our trip. We spent a beautiful, family filled week in NC. I will have photos soon but for now I am resting up. OMG! flying for me is horrible. I get deathly ill EVERY TIME and need oxygen.  Glad that is over with. LOL in the mean time I have been keeping up with my daily art and these two pieces make 50 pieces in 50 days.  
I am joining in with Ayala and 29 Faces.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Hi Nicole, we missed you and envied you at the same time at bead society last time. Bev needs NBB, so hope you are settled and come to the next one. Great that you had a good time, you missed a bunch of rain (what's new), see you soon, I have a new car too. Whooo Hoooo. Donna

  2. 50 pieces in 50 days is pretty impressive :)

    I'm not a good flyer either, I'm exhausted after and usually end up sick :/

  3. Sorry you have those feelings about flying - but at least you do it! Good for you.
    Great drawings, great shading. Again, I really like that pose in the second photo.
    Well done for completing so many works :D)

  4. Great faces Nicole! I am sorry about you getting sick with the flying! Big Hugs!


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