Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Hi Everyone!

Thank you for the prayers for our bad situation. Here in Oregon we are loosing doctors faster than you can say "doctors" Last August 9 doctors up and quit our Peace Health medical facility, leaving  over 6,000 people without medical car. No new doctors have been hired but two PA's just out of college to help fill this huge gap. Well that doesn't work. DH got a doctor in Eugene, 100 miles away,  He has been seeing this doctor for 2 months. We received a letter yesterday that they are closing their door on Jan 27th. AYFKM? We  are calling every doctor we can to get in. DH is on specialized meds that can't be just stopped. I am waiting for a call now from a place in Eugene. They are not in our insurance hub so we will be paying cash. I am sick to my stomach at the rate of doctors closing their doors because big corporations have bought them out and have made rules and regulations that tie the hands of good doctors.  It is all about big money. OK enough of this. Here is what I drew yesterday and this morning.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Beautiful art, but I am sad about the bad situation there, I will keep you in my prayers. Hugs, Valerie

  2. That is a terrible situation to be in Nicole! Big money is all that seems to matter to corporations and most don't care as long as their bank accounts keep growing!!!
    Your drawings are lovely. I hope they help to ease some of your anxiety and bring you a little peace.


  3. What wonderful sketches. I am so taken aback by the situation with your local doctors. You are definitely in my thoughts, I hope you find something that works.

  4. Your sketches are fantastic!!!! Such a pain in the ass to deal with all of the insurance crap that is going on these days. Money rules everything. WIll keep you in my prayers that things get resolved for you.

  5. nice work :)

    really hope the doc situation gets sorted soon. can be very stressful trying to find a doctor that is going to be around for awhile. its not so bad here, but back in canada in a lot of areas the same is happening. its almost impossible to find a doctor, hence why more people just ened up at walk in clinics or A&E

  6. Your drawings are so expressive that each lady could tell a story I'm sure. Quite beautiful.
    Your health facility is in such crisis, I'm feeling so sorry for you, your dear husband and all the other patients. It's madness, and my heart goes out to you.

  7. Yup, It's going on everywhere. A while ago I heard someone in the medical industry say that Beacon Medical is buying EVERYTHING here in the South Bend area. I realized they were right. It started a while ago when my Doc when on his own with 2 other docs and opened their own clinic because the hospital that owned their practice wanted to move their office 25 miles away making it impossible for their elderly patients to find transportation to them. I hope you figure a solution Good thing Terry is a Vet. He sees VA docs and there is NO WAY we could afford his meds without them. Privatization scares the hell out of us.
    xx, Carol

  8. I am really praying everything works out with the doctors! How horrible! Really love your two new faces! Great smiles!

  9. It's always about money and profit when the big corporations become involved. Absolutely shameful! My thoughts are with you and your husband, Nicole.


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