Sunday, October 9, 2016


Hi Everyone!

I am one of those people who REALLY dislikes clutter and yes, I am a clean freak. So when the nik naks, and hanging art gets to be too much for me I tend to pack. Weeelllllll sigh.... I did that last spring when I was cleaning. In doing so I packed away a huge box of  my Halloween decorations. I am here to tell you I have some very cool hand made and store bought decorations. Can I find that box? NOOOO. I have looked in every storage box we have. I am very good about putting a number on the boxes and then logging what is in them in a book I have. Okayyyyy so I am anal about this. LOL  However, I can not find my Halloween box. It is to the point of driving me nuts.  In the meantime I have to have something to hang on the door and in my windows. Today I made a Halloween wreath and a pretty skull bow.  This was a fun day.

The wreath still needs a hanging system which will be a chain I have.
The skull is from Dollar Tree. The eyes light up and change colors. It is so cool for a buck.
I made the top hat out of my Nicole's BeadBacking.

Artificial flowers from Walmart $1.50 each. 
 Pumpkins for the hat are stick on from the Dollar Tree.
Ribbon I had on hand.
 Glitter tarantulas from the Dollar Tree. They are quite large.
Hey it has to be crawling up a plastic bone. Yep Dollar Tree.
  The second trantual is on the hand from the arm bone. Yes I broke it. LOL
They are actually salad tongs there are two of them. 
 Glass eyes I had left over from my beading days.

This silver and diamond hand is actually a bracelet that I wear. It clips around my wrist and fit perfectly on the wreath. I will remove it after Halloween. Or of course if I need to wear it.  

This is another glitter skull and bow from Dollar Tree. I attached the skull to the bow, made a top hat and a hanger on the back. His eyes light up and change color too.  
Oh and the jaw moves too.
I love it when I can find inexpensive items to create something I love. 
What are you doing for Halloween? 

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Your wreath looks fantastic, you got some bargains from the dollar shop to make it. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh Sigh...I was trying to find a witch hat yesterday that I KNOW I have. It's in a small tote with lots of skellies and other items back in the storage room. If I can't find it, I'll buy another. Brother. But a trip to the Dollar Tree store is always a treat to find other new decorations. I need foil pans anyway, lol.

    LOVE that bracelet!!
    xx, Carol

  3. What a wonderful wreath! You are so creative. I love Halloween, but I think we will be staying in and handing out candy to the neighborhood children...

  4. nice Halloween wreath :) and hopefully you find your Halloween box of stuff and no one has thrown it out

  5. You make me laugh Nicole! LOL! I hope you find the box! That wreath is wicked cool! So creative! I want your bracelet!!! Wicked! Big Hugs!


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