Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Hi Everyone!

I was looking for something on line and came across hats. Now I love hats, I own many and wear them. However, I am not sure I would wear any of these. Well maybe....LOL
I do realize that some of these are for the runway and others for parades but all of them are pretty awesome. Enjoy the hats.

Now this is a matching outfit.

 I don't understand wear food on your head

You know I love this one and I might wear it. Ya know to an art show.

You are probably hungry now with all the food hats. LOL

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. N: oh what fun, I love the lady in the white fur with the "full English breakfast" on her hat........and the tiny decorative skulls. Shows she is just our kind of gal. LOL. Did you ever see the movie "Brazil"? In it Katheryn Helmond wears several hats that are high heel fave is the leopard print one. Thanks for the giggle, see you soon. Donna

  2. What wonderful, whimsical hats! I have quite a few hats, although none like these. I definitely tend to wear a hat when it's not too windy...

  3. I haven't worn a hat in quite awhile. I don't go much outside really

  4. Oh I loved this post! I do wear hats but not as elaborate as these gems. However I could be talked into wearing the Fabulous Flamingo version on my daily dog walk. :)

  5. There is a lot of food hats! LOL! They are all very cool!!! I enjoyed your hats my friend!

  6. Oh lol, this is so funny! Thank you for sharing, Nicole!

  7. Hahaha, Nicole, these are hilarious😂... I mean... definitely pieces of art. My curly hair does not like hats, neither can I easily find hats that fit my smallish head. I have to go to the children's section... 🙃. So I have been seen with a frog hat on my noggin... that is just how it goes!


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