Sunday, February 21, 2016

29 Faces Day 21

Hi Everyone!

Last evening I was all ready to draw for 29 Faces. My beautiful daughter phoned and it is always so much fun talking to her. ( We live on opposite coasts so we talk every day on the phone.) After that conversation two more phone calls came. So by the time I was with my pencil and paper the idea of what I wanted to draw was long gone. I am not quite sure what this person or face is.  Tonight I am turning my phone off. LOL  Just 8 days left for 29 Faces. 

Ohh I see there is quite a shadow on this. Need to find a better place to take photos in the morning.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. You have the knack of catching an expression, wonderful x

  2. I think it's a she and very tired and perharps ill. Yet another great work, you have a talent to achieve person's expressions.

  3. She's been through life... she knows pain and joy. Her eyes can extend understanding to the hurting, yet also sparkle with thise who celebrate joy. She is one of those rare "real" , truly authentic people. OK, I probably just put her on an unintended pedestal, but I know someone who kind of looks like her, and she is the real deal!

  4. I like the emotion you have captured in this sketch! You are doing so great with this!

  5. your face has wonderful character.
    sounds like you had some good phone visits.
    wow, only 8 more faces.

  6. Oh, it must more fun to speak on phone with people you love than draw faces!

    This one has been talking a lot in the phone, looks a bit tired! Some sleep now!

  7. Lots of feeling in those eyes! Glad you had a good talk on the phone!


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