Thursday, November 26, 2015


Hi Everyone!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We got our first freeze of the year last night. Woke up to frosty white, it was so pretty. 
Two things this week. 1, I was lucky enough to receive a wonderful book on Liqutex products. There is some history about acrylic paints that I didn't know so I thought I would share the information with you. 
I will be posting every Sunday about acrylics and mediums. 
2, Last week the owner of Nature Foot Step commented that my sculpted pieces looked heavy. I guess I should tell you that along with cement I use some other secrete ingredients in my sculpt so they are actually quite light. The largest piece only weighs 5lbs.  I am not ready to divulge my process or complete ingredients yet (sorry) but the main ingredient is cement.

A big thanks to Eva and Kristen who host Paint Party Friday. I wait all week to see who has created what. I am so inspired by all of the artists who show their art. 

This week I have a piece of "Car Art" 
Yes I draw in the car and NO our roads in Oregon suck!!!! So lots of mistakes and erasing. LOL

I don't do hair. I think this winter I will study how to draw and paint hair.  
 This is a used canvas that I painted sometime ago and decided it was time to paint over it. 
The shinny parts are marbled red gold leaf. 
20x16" acrylics

This is my latest sculpt. Now I will tell you that the base of this are stacked gourd tops. I think it has an oriental appeal.
It is 17" tall and 6" at the widest part. Weighs in at 2 lb. and is very stable.

Just so you know how much they weigh.
19x20x6x with out the curls. 5lbs

 12x10x6 with out the curls. Weighs 2 lbs

17x9x4 with out the curls and weighs about 2 lbs
Hope you enjoyed the show and a wonderful weekend.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. loved your blue faces and the red sculpt. Especially the faces. :) They seem sad without being sad. Great use of colors.

  2. Happy Thanks giving Nicole, Hope you had a wonderful time with your family!

  3. What gorgeous work this week, the face, the masks and your fantastic sculpture, so rich in colours. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. Lovely work Nicole, and I wouldn't have guessed the sculpted pieces were so light!

  5. Love the face and sculptures. I look forward to the report on Liquitex acrylics and mediums. I am sure I will learn things I do not know.

  6. As usual, I love all your work, but I'm especially drawn to the mask trio acrylic piece. The vibrancy of your colors use adds to the mystifying feel of the piece. Happy Thanksgiving day and blessings, my friend!

  7. Always a feast for the eyes to visit your art!
    Happy PPF!

  8. I love that you draw in the car - I find it difficult enough to type a text message in the car when it's going over bumpy country roads (and I'm in the passenger seat, obviously!) never mind draw! You'd never know! I really enjoy your sculptures especially curly ones - they look like some alien life form from another planet - so creative!

  9. Stunning strong paintings and sculpture.
    Have a nice weekend ♥

  10. Wonderful faces! :) Love the blue ones.

  11. Car art, sounds fun and bumpy :D

    You've had a productive work, like that you create with so many different techniques.

    Have a nice weekend!

  12. wow Nicole what a real variety of styles! Your sculptures are so fascinating. The masks are great. And your portrait is so beautiful! Although we have gotten frost now too-it was 60 degrees yesterday and today is supposed to be even warmer. It may be the last so I'll be enjoying it. Happy PPF!

  13. your mask are wonderful. You painted over it? Why?
    Your other elements are very inspired

  14. The sculptures are beautiful I bet they are even better in person... I love the yummy texture!! Love those three colourful faces too!! Wonderful post...a girl always needs to keep a secret or two to herself!! You go girl!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Wonderful sketch and the painting looks great! The sculptures are wonderful too, I also thought they were very heavy.

  16. I was so taken by your sculptures! Your sketchwork is wonderful, too.

  17. Wonderful, expressive creations!

  18. I like the shadows, how they make the look, shape...You inspire me to take a pencil and draw..I must. Haven't touch a pencil for a while....
    Hair, I have no idea how to draw that....need to try that too...
    Have a good week ahead!

  19. My favorites today are the three blue faces and the multi-colored twirly rocks
    happy PPF

  20. I hadn't seen your sculpture before! Very nice texture and really unique!

  21. I love your car art. I would like to do some car art too. But I have to watch for signs and directions because my husband misses even big bold ones. Your sculptures are wonderful with great colors.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  22. Beautiful work Nicole.... I love your sculptures!
    Much Love

  23. Your newest sculpture looks very cool -- great mix of color and texture!

  24. Your art is wicked cool girl!!! I love your spirit!! Hugs :)


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