Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hi Everyone!
I can't get to my FB on mom's PC so I am glad my blog posts are linked there.
First I am overwhelmed at the emails, comments, and posts for my mom. Thank you from the top and the bottom of my heart. All of the prayers and healing energy is working so far.
Mom went directly into surgery from the ER. I spoke to the surgeon before and after the surgery. There is a wonderful team of people at the Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass, OR. 
The surgery went well. Mom had significant infection and fluids in her stomach from a ruptured bowel. The lining of the bowel was dead due to lack of blood flow at one time.  Dr. Frost, the surgeon, a wonderful lady, took her time and expertise to take care of all the problems. Because of mom's terrible lungs she was on a respirator but was taken off yesterday. When I saw mom I was so happy that she actually looked pretty good. Ya  know for being drugged up and 4 IV's coming out of her arm. I was actually able to speak to mom on the phone last night for just a few minutes. We are not out of the woods yet but she is doing better than any one thought she would. Again thank you so much for all the warmth and love sent our way.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted to let us know. We'll all keep her ..and our thoughts and prayers.
    xx, Carol

  2. Happy to hear that your Mom is doing well. I'm thinking of you both--take care of yourself, too!

  3. Nicole, I am sorry, I'm so behind in blog land. I am happy to hear your mom is doing better! Please know, mom and I are continuing to send her healing prayers! Much love and big hugs to the both of you!
    (My friend, you did win on my giveaway, when you have time, please e-mail me your address, there is no hurries! my e-mail

  4. I'm so relieved to know she's on the mend. I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts.


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