Thursday, November 6, 2014


Hi Everyone!

Well we are winding down on this year and this will be my last sale for 2014. Everything is already marked down. NBB 12x9" just $1.80 a sheet any color. NBB 9x6" just $1.00 a sheet any color. Bead sets still available at low low prices. Ultrasuede is in and of course you get a free sheet of NBB. Nature craft supplies gourds and pine needles. Loom by Mike, beading patterns and much more so head over to our Beadwright etsy store and our Beadwright website.  In addition to the sale if you shop in our Beadwright etsy store and  use your credit or debit card you will also receive 5% cash back.
This sale ends Nov. 13, 2014. Stock up on NBB now because we will be closed for most of December. We will try to stay open the first week of Dec but no promises. We will be back Jan. 1 2015 with a new website and some other new surprises. So like I said if you need NBB, or other supplies now is the time to get them. 

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

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  1. Ohhhh I need to order some. I LOVE your beadbacking. (I even posted about it in my post for today...I used it to in my project)



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