Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hi Everyone!

You know I am a huge supporter of supporting others. When I find something or someone that I think others would be interested in I try to get the word out. Yesterday I met a very nice lady who lives not to far from me in Myrtle Point, OR. Her web site is perfect for this time of year.
It is The Holiday Stocking Co.! How perfect is that? We all know how busy this time of year is and making those stockings can get a way from us. Why not have them made by Charlene Faulkner? You can add any personal touch that you like and the price is so reasonable.
She even has them for Hanukkah.


But that is not all! She has jewelry pieces and fine art by  Richard Faulkner. His art is just stunning!

Stop by to say hello to Charlene. You can also reach her at these sites.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. What fun stockings, I especially love the Chanukah one! Never seen one like that! Hugs Valerie

  2. What an amazing creative team they are! The stockings are very nice and the paintings are lovely!

  3. Beautiful paintings and great stalkings!

  4. Oops I spelt stockings as stalkings! LOL!

  5. neat Chanukah stocking, and I love the landscape, too.


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