Sunday, November 23, 2014


Hi Everyone!

Hope your weekend is exactly what you want it to be. I have a few things planned today including cleaning. You know I clean all the time but I hate clutter so the pantry is getting a work over today. LOL
So put all that aside I discovered a great video this morning. It is an OMG moment. Looks just like regular paper sculpture right? Haaa watch the video you will be astonished.

This first video click on the little cog to settings for English. It will give you subtitles.

This video shows an even better example of just how much movement is in a sculpt. It is only a minute or so long. You will NOT want to miss this.

I would love to see this in real time or actually I would love to own one of these sculpts.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. OMG is right! Just amazing and stunningly beautiful!

  2. Nicole, the best part is the "how to" clip.......... all it takes is tons of paper, two templates, giant pot of glue and INFINITE patience.......oh, then the sculpting talent too. Nothing I'd ever do, but it was amazing and wonderful. Thanks for posting it. Donna


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