Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hi Everyone!

Today I am making curtains for a few rooms in my house. I just need some heavier curtains for this winter.  I am almost done with fall cleaning and getting things read for winter. What do you do around your house to prepare for the winter months?
 These little girls are getting ready for winter too. Coming down to the neighborhood to eat plants. With the lack of rain and the deforestation that is going on here it is harder for the wild life to get what they need. Last week we had a bear in our yard. Now there are lots of bear here but they don't usually come into town. 
Anyway mom and her babies.

Have a great weekend!

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Nicole, Looks like the deer family picked the yard with the most greenery to choose from..........LOL. We have had more activity here too, but ours in the form of either possum or raccoons, the bigger wildlife won't come over the fences with our dogs, but the smaller ones evidently have the dog bed times down, and have been sharing our raised bed gardens......grrrr.
    For winter, I have to invest in two new doggie door flaps, both are worn ragged and will let in too much air and need to be replaced, other than that, just closing blinds that were left open all summer.... oh and lots of general cleaning too. Donna on the opposite end of town

  2. A few years back we were visiting family in Seattle and had traveled to Whidbey Island to a beach house my FIL had rented. I ended up stepping on a nail and had to go get a tetanus shot - while in "town" I looked out the window and saw a mama dear and her two little ones. What an inspiring thing to see! I always love the deer until they eat your foliage in the yard!

  3. Most of our prep takes place outside...making sure the gutters are clean, hedge trimming, snow blower and generator ready just in case. Oh yeah, cleaning out the garage so we can get the cars back in, LOL!

  4. Oh I love it. My husband and daughter have seen deer in my front yard, but I never get there in time. Their standing April Fool joke is "Mom, there are deer in the front yard!" I'm enjoying yours.

  5. Awwwwww. They are so beautiful! Great photos; thank you for sharing.

  6. Now, those are the kind of neighbours I want to have ;o) I would even take the bears ;o) LOL!
    (Will e-mail soon!)


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