Monday, September 22, 2014

Hi Everyone!

It's been a busy few weeks. I am doing my Fall cleaning and getting ready for winter. The drapes are washed, the walls are clean, the closets and food pantry all wiped down and reorganized. So being online has been limited. Diya miss me? Tee hee hee

While I have been busy I did meet a truly wonderful artist. Her name is Sally Kinsey and get ready her, art is thrilling. From pictures to boxes to jewelry all done in mosaic!

Here is just a few pieces and in her own words 
I present Sally Kinsey from Sally May's Mosaic Art Objects.


Mosaics was not my first choice of art medium. My sister-in-law actually did some mosaics and I loved what she did! I thought, "Hmmm…that might be fun..." Years later I am still doing mosaics! It is a near limitless art form. From the tesserae to be used to the substrate or surface to mosaic on, the possibilities are endless! 

in 2008 my sister-in-law showed me a small handful of the world's smallest ceramic tiles and I was absolutely hooked!! It took 2 years to find the manufacturer, who did not offer the tiles in the U.S.A., or retail via the web. They agreed to let me import them and sell via the web, and Tiny Tile Mosaics was born. I sold this company in 2013 to pursue my mosaics and other art interests full time.

Personally I enjoy using the small ceramic tiles as well as stained glass, colored mirror, tempered glass and beads and ball chain. I also love creating sculptural substrates like I did in "I Tied a Yellow Ribbon" and "She Was Born to Dance". Both of these pieces are very personal to me.

Although I have won a few awards and have had some pieces published, the greatest gift is to see peoples spontaneous reactions to my work. One of the most touching was when a Vietnam veteran cried when viewing "I Tied a Yellow Ribbon". I knew that piece was meant to be created, but that solidified why I make the things I do…to touch just one person is the greatest gift of all!

Be sure to visit Sally's website for more art and her etsty store.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. wow she is an amazing talent!!! You sound all ready for Fall, wish I was, lol!!!!

  2. Wow, thanks for introducing me to yet another wonderful artist! (Yes, I missed you!)

  3. Wow, her work is absolutely fantastic. Have fun with the h*******k! Valerie

  4. Good to "see" you! Wonderful mosaics indeed!

  5. I missed you ;o) I hope you had fun getting ready for Fall ;o)
    She is an amazing artist! Wow!
    Big Hugs ;o)


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