Monday, August 25, 2014


Hi Everyone!
I sure hope all of you had a good weekend. The weather here was like summer, I can't complain about that. It has been awhile since I made any new beading patterns and my favorites are for...... well everyday but with a Halloween charm. So if you are looking for some new patterns take a look at these. All in my Beadwright Etsy store with instant download.
You cannot go wrong with bats right? I took the background of one of my paintings and then laid in the bats.  This is a loom pattern but I will have one in Peyote stitch later today.
 What is Halloween with out some red spiders. This is a very cool pattern to be beaded in
2 drop Peyote
If you know me at all you know that I have lots of patterns with human eyes, this pattern is Cat's Eyes taken from a photo of my mom's cat. This is a loom pattern

Have a great week everyone!!
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. i love all three and i know they will be stunning beaded. now who doesn't like bats? oh yea, i have a friend who hates bats. come to think of it there isn't much she likes. but bats are such a vital part of our ecosystem it would be a shame if something happened to them like the honeybees. anywho, nicole i sure hope you are feeling better - sounds like it. nothing to make you feel better than artwork - COOL!

  2. Fun to see your designs! I like the bats and the eyes, but I will have to pass on the spiders, I am nearly phobic of spiders! But those cat eyes are great. :)

  3. These are all delightfully spooky--just perfect for Halloween!

  4. These are so cool Nicole!!!! Love all the patterns!

  5. I really love this! Makes me want to work on some Halloween themed art!


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