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Hi Everyone!
It is my turn! Yeaaahhh... thanks to the very talented artist Kirstin McCulloch from
LilliBean Designs I have been invited to share some facts about myself and some of my art.
Be sure to visit Kirstin. Her art will delight you.
There are 4 questions to answer so here goes;
#1. Why do I do what I do?
Hmmm that is a loaded question LOL however, when it refers to art the answer is simple. "I MUST CREATE" I have been surrounded by art since birth and so it is... just natural.  My grandmother was an accomplished oil painter, teacher, and art gallery owner. So sitting at an easel painting still life is a very early memory. It was a few years later that my great grandmother and my adopted mother who taught me the beginnings of beading, how to tan my own hides, and create with leather and animal parts. That is a Native tradition and one should only use animal and other natural items to honor those creatures. Not because it is "cool" and the "in" thing.  For about the next 50 years I would make a living in part and in full from selling, teaching, writing, designing, and developing art supplies for the Beading World. Over the last few years lupus has made it too difficult to use my hands to bead so I have had to step down from the medium. Sad for me but it re-opened the door to painting. I am still able to work with leather and other Native art and I will make new avenues for that as I go.
This is a traditional piece I wear, made with bear and elk teeth.

More modern beading sculpted Peyote stitch

#2 How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Now that I am painting I am not sure what my jenre is. I am exploring abstract art this year. It is an art form that is more difficult than you think. Along with that I started painted landscapes and have found I enjoy that as much as anything. I have for many years added my sculpted leather to acrylic painted canvases so I guess that could be abstract. The bottom line is I don't know the rules of painting and I like that, A LOT. I am very dyslexic so if you put a rule in my path I am just gong to run over it anyway. I paint like I beaded. A sliver of an idea in my head and then just go for it! So maybe that is the difference?
12x12" canvas with sculpted leather. sold
Leather molded face attached to 12x12" frame

20x16 canvas acrylics Abstract
#3 How does my creative process work
As mentioned above I get and idea and create it. Being dyslexic I am very visual. So I can "see" what I want to make, paint, draw, sew, and then I just create it! If I do plan something it never works out for me. I just have to be free in my art.  I see art everywhere. The same with beading. It is as breathing, it is just a natural thing for me. Is all my art good.... aaawwww I would like to think so but I do know when something is NOT good or not right. With painting making changes is easy and I like that part of the process. I draw when we take road trips, thus "car art" just drawings of crazy weird things.
This guy came while we were in a very wooded area. Just a big nose funny guy.

This is an abstract painted on 24x24" canvas with acrylics.
There are many layers to this not sure if you can see it.
"Gritty Streets"

Molded leather face.

#4 What am I working on now
I am working on three things right now as I write this. I have leather soaking ready to sculpt, I have a 16x 20" painting on the easel, and I am native stitching two pieces of leather together to cover a molded face for a client. That will be embellished with Native jingles, beads and feathers.
This is the last bead art show where I was a vender. NONE of the paintings on the wall are mine.
Except the beaded wolf and dragon. Both created in the Huichol style of beading. The dragon is 5 feet high.
Contemporary Jewely
I also make traditional drums and pipes
Just a few of my beaded gourds. The beads are actually sewn into the gourds
To finish. I feel very blessed to have spent my life creating in all types of art. Part of that blessing is meeting all the wonderful people, who create and live art as well.
Thank for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this post and just a bit of my art.
Next week please stop by my very good friend and amazing artist
Dagi from Kokopelli Designs
Hand crafts, Knif maker, leather crafter, beader, and so much more.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Oh my, I feel so honored to stand in one row with you. Plus I spotted my drum on one of the tables. Every day the drum reminds me of you, my friend!

  2. It was fascinating to read your answers, Nicole. You have many talents. I didn't know you sculpt, too. Wow! You're a busy woman!

  3. great works of art. you are truly blessed and a gifted creator. i am bewildered. actually speechless. but i agree with you about tanning. when it is done, it must honor the animal. and not done just to be "cool." wonderful post. cheers!!

  4. Nicole, always nice to see the wide variety of lovely art you create. While I am sorry to see you stop beading, some of your new art work is equally attractive to me...........the white birdie is great. Looking forward to seeing work by Kokopelli also, another of my fave artists. Donna

  5. What a wonderful chance to learn more about you, Nicole, and your art background! I'm so glad you have taken part in this venture so that others can enjoy your personal art story, and feast their eyes on your many and diverse creations. You are truly a Renaissance artist!

  6. I love this post! It's great to learn more about you and what drives you as an artist. In everything you do, I can see you follow your heart!

  7. What a treat to see a compilation of your art and to learn more about you. Thank you for sharing. You are an amazing artist I admire because your passion comes through every piece your create. I can relate to your "drive to create". I love your versatility and your open, sharing, giving personality. Thank your for the post.

  8. Wow,you are an amazing artist.Love all your artwork and those leather masks,Fantastic.I have never ever seen anything like this.Thank you for sharing your artwork and your artistic process and thank you for visiting my blog.

  9. OMG!! Absolutely blows my mind. Never seen anything like it - intriquing and beautiful. It was so interesting reading about all your creations . Love them all . You really are a wonderful artist. :)

  10. You are amazing girl! I didn't realize you made drums and did gourds too! Wow! You are one cool, talented chick ;o) Keep creating Nicole! And, keep following your heart ;o) Big Hugs xoxoxo

  11. Just WOW!!! Love your molded leather faces on canvas... I am truly inspired!!

  12. Wow, Nicole!! Your work & your words about it are wonderful!! I'm so glad you stopped by my 'creation station' to comment - love finding you! That beaded dragon is magical! I love the stories in a couple of my books about dragons & this country (Buffalo Woman comes Singing & Voices of our Ancestors)
    I have also done beading & made 3 drums .... love the leather work faces on your paintings ... what a great combination. My dad hunted & fished with the honor of his native blood, & I try to do the same.
    I'm also dyslexic, which helps me with whole brain 'seeing' & translating the images that come through onto canvas etc ....


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