Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hi Everyone!
I am having a chuckle today. I was reading comments left by you wonderful people and one comment from Bobbie, over at Living a Charmed Life,  on my "Something Lurks Under the Barn" post wrote,
Im just as scared as you.  I hate things that make me nervous and living next to that would make me VERY nervous.  Tell Mike to do something.  You should not have to - unless you'er annie oakley, xena princess warrior type - LOL! it couldn't be me. good luck. cheers!!
Sooo a quick note about me. Before lupus, I was the warrior type. Mike and I lived remote for a few years. Yes just living off the land. I taught women and kids survival in the woods. I hunted both with a bow and riffles, I cleaned and tanned my own kills and not much makes me nervous.
(Except things I can't see.) LOL
In 1996 Mike and I closed up our frozen North Idaho home and spent the winter in my beloved Arizona. It was the best winter ever. Lots of fun things, very nice people, and an adventure in urban survival. There was a rash of thieves, stealing bikes. Mike and I had our mountain bikes chained to the back of our RV. One night I just couldn't sleep. Kept hearing things outside. Then all of a sudden I hear the chain snap and chang chang chang chang over the bumper. Mike jumped up and in his under wear chased two guys up the street with is 22 pistol in hand. I called 911 and ran after all of them.  Mike had just had surgery so running was not a good thing for him.
Sooo to make this long story shorter, the meth head assholes who took our bikes had a PU truck on the side of the road to throw the bikes in and then take off. But because Mike went after them they headed into the desert. The cops had these guys on their radar for some time. We were asked us to watch the truck because of a shift change at the police station.  Well sure enough they came back for their truck. We drove up on them as the passenger got out of their car. Mike confronted him while I took a stance and held the driver at gun point.
 The police were amazing telling us we did a great job and called me "Annie Oakley". 
I got a spot in the news paper and had my 15 minutes of fame.
Now you know why I am chuckling over the comment.
Me, my bike and my gun. LOL
Hope you can read the print when you click on it.
BTW I am a crack shot!

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. That's a big gun! This is an excellent story! Nicole (Annie Oakley), you are a wild woman ;o) Good going for Mike too ;o) Big Hugs to the both of you ;o)

  2. Thanks for sharing this amazing story! What an interesting life you have been leading, my friend!

  3. A big salute to "Annie Oakley"
    Sometimes ordinary people can do better than the cops.
    Enjoyed reading this.

  4. What an awesome read Nicole!! You are indeed Annie Oakley. Tee hee. Good for you.

  5. Go Annie! What a story. You really are amazing Nicole!

  6. WOW woman, you really are something! Thank you for sharing the article and your humor.

  7. Oh wow! That is an amazing story! Wow!! You are seriously impressive!

  8. Pistol Packin Mama! Gotta Love being able to self protect. :)

  9. I love this, you are just amazing :-)

  10. Take advantage of your skill at being a crack shot and beam in on that critter or critters under the barn. Take aim and shoot. I used to shoot an air rifle at squirrels and raccoons that kept eating the garden bounty. Of course, i lived in a city and was advised by a nice policeman to not shoot in the city. He suggested traps. Hmmm, traps don't work.
    Anyway, have some fun at target practice and shoot those critters.
    I'm new to reading your blog, love it. Please keep on blogging.


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