Monday, June 2, 2014


Hi Everyone!
A beading pal of mine was over a few days ago. She was looking at ALLLLL the beads I am selling. Ya know 45 plus years of beads. We were talking and laughing and then she stopped, looked me in the eyes and with such a sad emotion said, "Won't you miss beading?" OMG!!! I already do miss beading. It has been the main part of my existence since I was 14 years old. No one knows how difficult it is to sell off part of my life. I have made a living with beads in one way or another most of my life. When she left I was sad to see beads all bagged up with prices on them. But then I thought.... I have had the BEST time in the beading world. I have sold literally thousands of pieces of jewelry and bead art all around the world. I have been featured in museums and galleries. I have been published well over 400 times, I have taught beading all over the country and a lot of those people now have thriving bead businesses. I am soooo fortunate to have met so many wonderful people who share the love of beads and well just because I can't bead like I once did doesn't mean I am completely out of the loop. I still make Nicole's BeadBacking, and Mike still hand crafts looms, I still teach and at night I still dream of those beading ideas.
  Here are a few items made by me over the year. If you want to see more go to my

Treasure Necklace published in Lapidary Journal Magazine 1998

Garden Heart 2009 Now lives with the Toho family in Japan

5x3 foot Huichol beaded dragon 1996 Millions of 11/0 seed beads

Snow White Nicole's BeadBacking run through an ink jet printer

Then beaded and embellished

Very cool skull and dragon necklace 2012

Split loom beading

Attached to Tropical Berry Nicole's BeadBacking and the bead sculpting begins

To look like this at the finish

Beaded pictures are some of my favorite pieces to create

Beads and leather from my roots

Hope you enjoyed some of my beading life.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Your beaded artifacts are gorgeous, one lovelier than the other. I hope you are feeling well! Valerie

  2. Thank you for sharing some of your gorgeous work! They are all stunning! You have a beautiful attitude and personality--but then, I already knew that!

  3. Nicole, beading is and always will be close to your heart. You may be scaling back but you will forever be an intricate part of the beading world. You have left for us a wonderful legacy, rich with imagination and vivid with creativity. Thank you.

  4. Wow Nicole. You are just so creative. Your work is totally awesome. I have always loved it. I'm proud to call you my friend. I love that piece called the Garden Heart that lives in Tokyo now. Wow!! Thank you so much for sharing your craft.

  5. Yes Nicole, you have had a fabulous career! You have a long way to go before you retire from your life's purpose. I'll bet you are a fabulous teacher and I know your brain abounds with ideas that will eventually come out in creative ways. I love the beadwork on the purse. Dynamite!

  6. Your beadworks are amazing! I could not have imagined such pieces without having seen yours. I am sad to see that part of your life go, but I am very glad to see your paintings.

  7. Nicole, I agree with Deb, you have a beautiful attitude and personality ;o) Your bead work is stunning! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I am still in awwww!
    (Did you see Game of Thrones!!! My sexy dude died! His face was squished! I am so mad!!!)

  8. Oh, what STUNNING work, Nicole! Please never stop sharing these past beaded creations of yours ... if nothing else, for people like me who are new to seeing the amazing beadwork that is possible. Your beadwork is simply beyond gorgeous and tremendously inspiring!

  9. Awesome and amazing ! I love it that you dream of beads and beading ideas! Creativity can take a new turns and can continue in newer forms. Your creations and past achievements are great and inspiring !

  10. omg those pieces are all exquisite! Love them! Keep teaching, keep getting new ideas .... You're very good in what you do/did!

  11. GORGEOUS- what amazing talent you have and such a legacy as a testament to your talent.

  12. wow, what a life you have had as a beader! So many amazing pieces.
    I made my living doing beadwork because i loved it and so that i could be a stay at home mother. My pieces were and are not as involved and impressive as yours. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Wow, Nicole. This is a fantastic look back at some of the marvelous pieces you have made over the years. I had NO idea your work was so well known in so many corners of the world. It's truly all heart stopping when shown all at once. Thanks for sharing this second look with us on the 2nd. And thanks for contacting Debbie.


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