Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hi Everyone!
Yesterday and maybe today it feels like summer! I mean a real summer day where the cold ocean wind doesn't blow the warmth away.  Even though the sun and lupus don't go well together,  I lounged out on my back deck. It felt soooo good.  I just needed to feel that warmth. It gave me a bit of energy that I need right now.
 I have a load of work to do. Happy work.
Yaaaaayyyyyy after a very long time the machines are repaired and I have Snow White and Powder Blue Nicole's BeadBacking in stock!!!!  To all of my loyal and beyond wonderful customers, thank you for your patience.  We now  have all 16 colors in stock at new lower pricing.
As I mentioned in our Beadwright NewsLetter we are going to keep these prices for the entire year with periodic sales.
Sooo one more cup of coffee and I am off to cut NBB.

Wishing everyone a happy day
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Glad to hear the machines are working again...and that the sun is shining!

  2. I hope you had a beautiful day ;o)


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