Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hi Everyone!
Today already seem like I am running on empty. I will take some herbs and get myself going here. I wanted to show you some art that just fascinates me. You all know that if it has a futuristic theme or any kind of skulls or skeletons I am all in, but give me futuristic skeletons and I am doing the skeleton happy dance!  OK all of you know I am a bit out there. Well maybe a lot out there. LOL
Here are few that I really like hope you do to.


Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. That first picture is really fab!! Skellies and fiber...I'm there!

  2. Very cool. Of course, I appreciate the skeletons since I have them all over my sculpture studio! LOL..Nice images/

  3. Hi Nicole. Just paying you a visit to see how you are doing and hope your mom is doing well too. I like these photos, especially the second to the last. It looks as though they are waiting their turn to go "somewhere", hopefully Heaven.:) Have a wonderful week and stay healthy with your herbs. What kind of herbs?

  4. So cool!!! I'm doing the skeleton happy dance with you! LOL! Hope you are feeling better ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  5. Those are cool; I'd love to meet those skellies in the forest!

  6. What neat images! Thanks for sharing them. It may seem odd to say these skeletons are a bright spot in my day, but they are!


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