Saturday, March 29, 2014


Hi Everyone!
I couldn't wait to publish these photos. On Thursday Mike and I had to drive to Coos Bay, OR. to have our car serviced. Yah know the big 5 year car service. For us it is a 70 mile drive to get there. We asked for a loaner car so we didn't have to sit at the dealership all day.  We got a mini van. First time I have ever been in one. Comfy and lots of room but what a gas hog. Anyway we drove another 30 miles to our favorite place on the OR coast, a town named Bandon. The weather, as you can see sucks just as much as it does in Florence, but the town is nicer. As we drove in we noticed some art that was in the form of a huge seal and a fish on an empty lot. We found out that a group of artists in Bandon have rallied together to try and clean up the tons of garbage that floats in on the beach. This is garbage that tourists, boater, fisherman and well you get it, PEOPLE just throw into the ocean. These sea creatures were made mostly of plastics but there were other pieces of garbage that the sea vomited up onto the beach. It is a sad situation when going to the beach, any beach is littered with the waste that humans just toss overboard. Is my tone a bit on the angry side? Yeah I guess it is. It just seems SOME people have no pride in where we live. But before I go off on a tangent LOL I want to applaud the good people of Bandon for taking a step. Cleaning the beach and doing something to show people just how much garbage they collected.  
Do you have a group, or do you belong to a group of people that have taken steps to clean up your area. Tell me about them.
Henry the Fish

How cut is the Seal?

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Thank you for sharing these photos Nicole, fab constructions. Annette x

  2. GREAT POST! Those pieces are amazing art with an exceptional story. Your piece reminded me of a story I saw a few years back:

    The take home message is plastic pollution in our oceans is a huge problem.

  3. Oh wow! Those pieces are amazing. Horrible that all that was in our oceans. I read (or saw in a documentary, I can't remember which) that there's a gigantic dead zone in our ocean that is just waste... So awful! I'm not by the ocean very often, but if I see something, I'll usually pick it up (certain types of waste I won't pick up without gloves, and I usually don't carry those with me). Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  4. These are magnificent! Wow!! These people should be very proud of themselves! It is so sad, that humans throw out garbage like this and not care! Horrible! Makes me so mad! I do help out with this group in our town. They do a clean up, once a month and everyone goes out. We pick different areas. Big Hugs and thanks for the great post!

  5. Wow is the word! Horrible that all this was junk but such mazing creations!


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