Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hi Everyone!

Well I hope where ever you live you are safe and warm. We are in a storm straight from the land of OZ. The wind was so strong last night I thought our bedroom window was going to come in on us. Lots of rain and wind today but it is relatively warm.
So today I would like to introduce you to a lady I met as one of my customers. Due to some mail mix up we have become what I hope will be a good friendship. In other words I like her. LOL
She creates beadwork on hand bags. One of my favorite things. She doesn't have a website yet but I wanted to show you just a few of her piece.
This is the work of
Linda Cusworth-Rash
I hope you enjoy

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Sometimes the best friends are made through chance meetings! Her work is lovely!

  2. Simply gorgeous beadwork on purses! I aspire to this. Thanks for posting these beautiful images from Linda, Nicole.

  3. What gorgeous bags! I have a couple of old ones from my great auntie, love looking at them. Stay safe in the wind! Valerie

  4. Her bags are gorgeous!!! I think it's great how you met! Hugs ;o)

  5. Yes, wonderful handbags, I love all three!


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