Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hi Everyone!
It is Sunday and I am not quite sure where the heck the week went to. Today I am spending the day painting. Yep, Mike is upstairs watching football. "yuck" I am putting on some music and doing something I have not done before. Well not on a full scale. I am very... hhhmmm... how should I put this..... "atypical" "abby-normal"  LOL What ever it is, I have this "thing" that there must be balance. Example, If there are three apples on the left side of a basket there has to be three of something on the other side of the basket. Items have to be lined up perfectly, not jumbled or messed up, or out of control looking things. Starting to get the idea? Clutter will drive me to craziness. Soooooo I said all of that to tell you that I am attempting some abstract art. You would think this would be so easy, throw some paint on a canvas and call it a day. Not soooo at all. I have been studying this for sometime now. I find that at some level it does appeal to my quirkiness. There IS a balance, a method, a format to creating something that comes from deep inside. A picture in your brain that one can emit to canvas with an explosion of color and design.  I do this, to some extent, already with beading and leather. Now, it is time to take this to the canvas.
This is my drive for 2014 wish me luck.
What are your plans for 2014?
Just a few pieces from my past.
Loom beaded gourd 1996

 Sculpted leather face on canvas 2011

 Seed bead carved face 1999

Huichol wolf La Loba Esperitual  2000

Leather face 2012

 Beaded gourd 1997

 Glass on glass seed beaded bottle 2000

Carved glass silver and white necklace published in Bead Unique Magazine

 Butterfly drum

Snake bag 1999 Published

Migraine Face
Leather Face on Canvas

 Molded face on canvas

 Glass beaded ring my favorite that I wear often

 You know I had to put in my Miss Skully and lady skeleton

Thanks to all of you who have been with me over the years. For listening, for caring, and for your friendship. Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve and the best ever 2014!

Nicole/Beadwright Honor
and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Your art is gorgeous! I found your blog through Stacy at MagicLoveCrow. She is a sweetheart and a dear friend who cares about the problems that many of us are sharing through blogger right now. But this was a good thing, too, Nicole...I found your wonderful blog.

    Have a Safe and Happy 2014!!!

  2. it has been a joy to watch your work come to life. Me...I'm more of an odd number type of girl, but yes symmetry is hard for me to not do. Enjoy 2014.

  3. Your beadwork is stunning, Nicole! Happy New Year to You!

  4. Good luck with your quest. I know that it can be really hard as I have seen my husband struggle with it. In his mind, if it isn't symmetrical than it is wrong.

  5. What a fascinating collection. I'm impressed with your creativity. :) Happy New Year 2014!

  6. Wow, what gorgeous and ornate artworks! Your pieces are lovely. Abstract can be a lot of fun, a release of energies... I think perfect balance isn't always needed, there can be an inbalance which is beautiful. I am sure you will create something wonderful!

  7. I will enjoy watching you on this journey. I am so like you in that respect that everything has to have symmetry and order. My mind does not understand abstract. Wishing you and Mike health and happiness in 2014.

  8. That ring is funky and I love Miss Skully and Lady Skeleton ;o) Actually, all your pieces are stunning! Truly! I guess you could call my art abstract? In the beginning, I really tried to have everything looking like it did in real life, but that was so hard! When I started to listen to my heart, everything started to flow ;o) I wish you all the best in your journey ;o) My mom is like you, everything has to be lined up ;o) I am all over the place, but clean ;o) LOL! I wish you and your loved ones all the best in 2014 ;o) I think it's going to be great! I have many personal things I want to conquer ;o) Should be fun ;o) Take Care ;o)

  9. Your work is astounding! Beautiful and so varied - my favourite is the beaded gourd and i love your moulded face on canvas. Sorry for the delay in my visit - I will be back:)


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