Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hi Everyone!
The word busy doesn't even come close to what is happening here. LOL No.... I am not all settled in yet. It seems the last of the things are getting put aside to take care of other things. Hhmmm that's called life right? LOL
So this is the time of year that my Native soul comes out. I guess because of hunting and tanning my own hides and getting ready for winter. Although I have not been able to do the above things here in Florence. I miss the mountains of North Idaho where I had the land and space to be part of Earth. One of the things that is dear to my heart is Traditional and contemporary Porcupine quill work. You can find some basic instructions for this in my "FlatWork" book. Porcupine quills are used for so many art projects now. The best place to purchase them is from One Dancing Crow. This wonderful lady has spent over 18 years developing and refining the dying technique for the quills. You can match beads to her colors. She still works in her own kitchen over hot pots and oven. It is a tedious process. Then she hand counts the quills for each bag sold. So who is One Dancing Crow?? She is Sarah Tronti and she is my mom. If you want top quality quills for any art project then contact Sarah through her etsy store or her website
Here are just a few of the colors numerous colors available.

Also African Porcupine Quills

In addition Sarah carries, leather, animal furs and claws, bones, craft books, and a touch of her own polymer art.
Sarah sells all over the world where it is allowed and to the movie industry for make up design.

Remember to all who work with animal parts,
it is to honor the animal!!!
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I hope everything starts to calm down for you soon ;o) Those porcupine quills are beautiful! Take Care ;o)

  2. Take care, my friend! Don't get too busy. I hope you're fine. :)


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