Friday, August 30, 2013


Hi Everyone!!
First off thank you for all the lovely comments and emails. Sooooo ya did miss me! :) That just warms my heart.
As I was looking at blogs this morning I find that Laura Carson, from Artfully Musing is getting ready to have a Halloween Carnival. Let's step back a bit. Laura is the artists that creates the most amazing digital art. It goes so far beyond pictures on paper. Please stop by Laura's blog to see just

what I am talking about.
Then click on her link for a full tutorial on how to make a Halloween Carnival. This will take place on Sept. 5th check out the details
Also Laura is having a giveaway for some pretty amazing Halloween Carnival Collage sheets. They are amazing. Head over to Laura's blog to see everything she is doing and giving away. If you love Halloween you will love Artfully Musing.
Be sure to tell her Nicole sent you.
Have a happy Friday
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art

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