Monday, July 8, 2013


Hi Everyone!
I find that there are days when I could just stay in bed and let the world go by me. Then, there are days where people let in the light and bring joy to me. I find that simply remarkable and I am thankful for the amazing people who come into my life. A month or so ago I received an email from a lady named Gloria, after she purchased one of our Looms by Mike. She asked about instructions and that she was looking for a good book. After a few back- and- forth emails she told me the loom was for her 15 year old niece who had just had back surgery. Now, let me say that before I was told about the surgery I had the over whelming desire to send this lady more than just the loom. When I heard about the surgery I knew my instincts were correct. I sent my loom book and some beads to Gloria to give to her niece. In return I received a beautiful photo of the two of them beading. My heart swelled as I saw Auntie and Niece together. You sure can tell these two are related.
 I think Natalia likes pinks and fuchsias too.

Then today I received a wonderful email directly from Natalia. She explained that she was diagnosed with scoliosis, the reason for the surgery. She told me it made her sad because she will not be able to play sports especially tennis for a year. Then she wrote;
"I have recovered  really well . It has been a really difficult process but as the song says, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".
This young lady gives me hope for the future. She has strength, courage and beauty and I am honored to know Natalia.
She also sent a photo of her very piece of loom beading. I am so proud of her!

Is there a young person in your life that you are proud of knowing?
Leave me a comment about them.
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  1. blessings come to us when we least expect them..but when we need them the most!!
    such a beautiful photo of two very special people.

  2. This is a great post. I love to hear stories of adults that have a profound effect on kids. I think Gloria sure fills that love.

  3. A very touching post . I agree with you , there`s no great healer , than concern , support , and caring from a loved one . It`s lovely to see the bond between Gloria and Natalia

  4. This is so beautiful and touching! Strength and blessings come to us from all around the world! You never know when someone will touch our lives! I love the photo!!!

  5. You are an angel! What a brave girl. I am sure that even tho she is missing out on sports, that learning a new creative skill, will be something that will help her through her recovery, and will gain a new talent that she will have for life What a wonderful story of courage and strength.


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