Monday, July 15, 2013


Hi Everyone!
I am home from my mom's place. It was a quick two day trip to get some shopping done and to go to the Grants Pass farmer's Market. If you are ever in GP on a Saturday between 9 and 1 you have to stop in at this Market. It is so well organized. There is an abundance of beautiful produce and bakery goods. The artists bring all hand crafted pieced of art. A real market where no imported items are allowed. That was the good day. The icky day was Friday when mom and I pulled into WalMart got a parking space and all of a sudden we feel a big thud. I turn to see that some "Asshole" (Yes I said it) came around the corner and hit our car. Before we could get our seat belts unbuckled he back up and sped away. A woman came over to us and said, "I was standing right there that guy hit you on purpose." Seriously, it happened so fast I can't even tell you what kind of car it was other than it was black. Anyway we decided NOT to go in and shop and just drove home. No sense is calling the cops they won't come out. We stopped and talk to the insurance people and we can file a police report and send it to our insurance. Does this guy KNOW about Karma?
Other than that I had a really nice time with mom. I want as much time with her as possible.
So that was my weekend. Now it is time to start packing again. LOL
Here are a few amazing photos

World’s edge
 Adaptive roots in the concrete jungle
 The stunning green vine snake
I love this snake!
 The most incredible aurora of 2012
 A sea of purple in the badlands of Utah

And just to make you smile on a Monday
Seal LOL  

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. My favorite is of course the laughing seal. What a beautiful creature. Wouldn't it be nice to just hug this little creature. Great photos of all though and so sorry about that AH hitting the car like that. People now a days are just uncaring. Not all people of course, mainly those type of AH's. You are packing again? My goodness, you do a lot of travel.:) Glad you enjoyed your stay with your mom. Take care.

  2. So glad that neither you nor your Mom were hurt. Call them what you will, but seriously the type of person who would do something like that & then just drive away, hasn't a clue about Karma. But they will learn someday.

    Those photos are awesome! Never saw a vine snake before, and of course, I love the purple "sea"!

  3. Ugh, first yummy, bakery goods. Boooo the jerk that hit you and drove off. How rude. Sending you good energy so your insurance process is smooth and painless!

  4. Glad you and your mom weren't hurt when the asshole hit you. What was with him? idiot. That would have spoiled my day too. Nice photos, especially the roots in concrete jungle one.

  5. What a prick who hit your car! I don't understand people? I had a guy today, who cut me off and almost hit me, so I honked. He stops his car and honks his horn at me?? And, gives me a real horrible look! What??? Did he not understand he almost caused an accident??? Errrrrr..... I love the photos! That seal made my day ;o) Hugs ;o)


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