Sunday, July 21, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Our moving date has been shifted so we must close our Beadwright etsy store and
Beadwright website earlier than anticipated. This is the last week we will be open until further notice. You can shop through Friday July 26th, Also if you shop in our Beadwright Etsy store and use coupon code "moving713" you will receive $5.00 off your order of $40.00 or more. This is only in the Beadwright etsy store
Please Read.
 If you are having trouble using the coupon email me before you pay for your items. I CANNOT  give you the discount after the transaction is finalized.
Cabs are still on sale and yes you may use the coupon even on the cabs.
Moving was much more fun when I was you younger and didn't have lupus legs. LOL
Mike's version of moving. LOL
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


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