Saturday, June 1, 2013


Hi Everyone!

I have been waiting to share Trudy's piece that was a contest entry. I really do like this cuff very much. I have known Trudy since 2007 when I had a call for bead artist for my bead embroidery book "FlatWork" Trudy is one of the artist in the gallery section of my book.

Trudy has a wonderful website and blog that you will be happy you visited. Not to mention that Trudy is a genuine person and I am honored to know her.

In her own words Trudy

Hi, my name is Trudy and beadworking is my favorite thing to do.
I love to work with gemstones and natural materials.
This cuff was made for the yearly beadwork contest on the Dutch Beadwork forum and Black Crow website:
The theme for this time was sun/moon/stars/galaxy

OK I had the wrong photo on before. Isn't this beyond awesome!!!

Space....The Final Frontier....
I love astronomy and SF movies.
For this contest i was inspired by the Star Trek series,
when the Enterprise met the Borg for the first time.
The cuff is made with all kinds of stuff and materials, and beaded on the fantastic Nicole's BeadBacking by Nicole ( NBB) in a rich dark brown color.
The inside is done with soft leather.
A trekki or not this is an amazing cuff. Be sure to visit Trudy and tell her Nicole sent you
Happy weekend everyone!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Steampunk! And I emailed you cause you WON something from my site. Contact me for delivery!



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