Friday, May 10, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Sorry I have not been around. Remember when I blogged saying that I couldn't wait for 2012 to end because 2013 was going to be the best year ever?
WELLLLL for me it is not. It is a worse continuation of 2012. Every month this year some horrible medical situation has come up. Including surgery.  I try to make light of it and joke around but it is really taking it's toll.  This week?? I cracked a tooth. REALLYYYYYY????
(Dental insurance? NO) 
It was in the evening so I called the dentist first thing the next morning. They got me in and of course had to extract the tooth. Did it come out easily???
Hellll nooo!!!
Why would it? After some work trying to drill it into pieces it finally all came out. I paid the bill of $350.00. I was then given an estimate of replacing the gap with a bridge, (are all of you sitting down?)  $4,500, yes you read that correctly. Four thousand five hundred dollars. I came home my face full of Novocain laughing at the insane idea of a tooth replacement costing this much money. I don't know where all of you are but I certainly CAN NOT afford to do this. The thought of it sends me into a panic. LOL I am calling some other places to see if I can get the cost down.
So that is where I have been

I want to thank all of you for listening to me moan and groan.
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  1. Oh my gosh, that is a lot of money! Now I know what is Novocaine for - to pay with smile:)In my country, dentists are not that expensive even if you don't have insurance and they are realy good. But you would have to pay for travel;) Hope you get well soon.

  2. In 2010 I had all my teeth extracted for just this very reason. I needed a lot of work that would cost a few thousand that would only last about 5 years so they all came out except for an impacted wisdom tooth that decided to descend this year. I was removed last week for $400. What a racket!

  3. Oh crap!!! I am so sorry for you!!! For sure check around, for a better price! I hope you're not in pain! Hugs ;o)

  4. Ugh. This is no way for 2013 to go on.... I hope this tooth extraction marks the end of these unpleasant (to say the least) experiences and you move on the more enjoyable times!


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