Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hi Everyone!
I will be in Eugene today but wanted to let you know there is still one day left on the bead sale in my Beadwright Etsy store..... annnndddddd Super Duo beads are in as well. If you have not used these two hole puff beads then this is a good time to get started. There are so many cool and creative things to make with them. From jewelry to multimedia pieces. The colors and finishes are amazing and... well can you tell I really like these beads? LOL
So what is the difference between Super Duos (SD) and Twins?
Here is brief explanation
The difference between Super Duos and Twins
They both are the same size but Super Duos (SD) are more précises in size and shape.
SD and Twins are both 5 mm long but SD have more glass mass to each beads again allowing a more even bead shape. SD are a bit more expensive, however it is a superior bead. The colors are slightly different than Twins as well.
The road is calling so I better get out the door.
Have a great day today Everyone!

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