Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hi Everyone!
My Beadwright etsy store has been closed for 6 weeks. EEEKKKKK I have decided to reopen starting tomorrow to see how I can manage.
Soooo to get this all started I would like to offer a 20% off all purchaces in my 
Beadwright etsy store  Use this coupon code imback2013 at check out.  
But I am not done yet. With  your order this weekend you will receive another coupon code, via your email, towards your next purchase. But I am not done yet. When you order this weekend you will receive a prize with your package. But I am not done yet. With your purchase this weekend your name will go into a drawing for a $100.00 beady box surprise!!!!!! I am not kidding. This box will be jammed full of beady greatness. LOL 
So get ready Friday morning March 15 through Sunday March 17!!!
I don't think I am done yet.
a name will be drawn for a second giveaway prize and it is totally a surprise to the winner!!!!
Here is just a glimpse of what you may win!!!! Ohhh nooo nooo nooo  there is so much more going into the beady box. hee hee hee  (My mischievous laugh)

 NOTE:::::: if you have trouble with the coupon on etsy, email me before you make you make the purchase. I cannot refund the discount.
Thanks everyone and good luck!!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. This is music to my ears!!! I got your newsletter and saw Lori post it on FB before I even got a chance to read blogs this morning! :) Time to re-stock my NBB and check out what else you might have to tempt me over there. So glad to hear you're feeling better and getting things rolling again Nicole! Here's to feeling better every day!

  2. Wowzer...awesome deals!

    Glad you are feeling better.

  3. I am beyond thrilled to see you coming back--and so quick after the surgery! I'll be stopping by your shop to look around!

  4. Thrilled that you are feel well enough to get back to your shop! I know that it was awesome to reopen mine when I finally was able to. Just don't over do it, let your body heal, it can be very unforgiving when we don't. You sound goo! Wishing you an off the chart sales weekend!$!


  5. So happy that you feel well enough to open the shop again. Take good care.

  6. What a great giveaway. Glad you are well enough to open your shop. I've been there and it is a great shop. Stay well.

  7. Nicole, what an awesome, generous offer! I'm excited -- I can never have enough NBB. :)

    I'm really, really happy you're doing better. *Hugs.*

  8. Nicole, I can't believe its been 6 weeks.
    I am so glad that you are recovering nicely.
    I'm also glad you are reopening because I have been waiting. I finally decided to buy one of your looms.
    Best Wishes.

  9. This is so sweet of you!!! Make sure you are still taking care of yourself!!!


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