Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hi Everyone!
 I have been up since 2AM. You know pain allows me to get up at all hours to meditate and get the pain under control. Then I have the quite free time to do what I can.
Ohh my cardio stress test showed some small abnormalities but I was cleared for surgery. Yeaayyy this Wednesday I will get this sick stone filled gallbladder out. I can hardly wait! LOL
Soooo I was sent some photos the other day of a beautiful resort. It looked warm and tropical and I could see myself there. Then I started to read the captions and look at the photos a bit closer. OMGosssshhhhhhh.
We have all seen the post apocalyptic films where earth is covered in a dome. There is artificial EVERYTHING right? So take a look at this place. Are we headed there already?
Looks like a nice place right?

 Palm trees, sand, beach, even birds fly over head.
Now look at the back of the photo
Domed cover resort. Look at the left of the picture of the sky

Doesn't seem to be bothering these folks at all.
Well now we know why.
It has a maximum capacity of 6,000 visitors a day and in its first year attracted 975,000 visitors.
As well as the thousands of visitors each day, approximately 500 people work at the site. Tropical Islands opened to members of the public in 2004.
Incredibly, the hangar, which is 360 meters long, 210 meters wide and 107 meters high, is tall enough to enclose the Statue of Liberty.
The 'resort' is actually located on the site of a former Soviet military air base in Krausnick, Germany.
Tropical Islands is inside a hangar built originally to house airships designed to haul long-distance cargo. And despite it looking like temperatures are through the roof - outside the giant hanger it is actually snowing.
As these incredible pictures show, the resort contains a beach, a lagoon , water slide and adventure park.
Guests can enjoy numerous restaurants, evening shows and can also relax in a sauna.
Here are just two places you can book to stay for a full length vacation

What do you think?

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  1. Hi! Looks like a resort in Berlin, Germany. Is it that one? I know there is a place like this on an old airport and hangar in Berlin. People who visited that place think it is nice to come into a warm paradise when it is winter outside. I think it is a good idea. As far as it is considered as a fake resort. It is a horrifying thought to imagine a resort like this being the only kind of resort we have...we must take care of our earth.

  2. Great ... the beach in winter. Wonderful photos!

  3. Well, the photos kinda' creep me out, but I suppose once you're inside, it would look differently...especially with the OUTSIDE being what it was! Dear Nicole...I hope you're feeling better, day by day, and you're heading towards a really great, stress and pain manageable summer!!! Warm wishes to you, and a happy weekend...hang in there, gal! Tanya

  4. I hope we are not headed this way--I don't think I would enjoy this unless I lived in a perpetually cold climate. I'll be thinking of you Wednesday & sending some good thoughts your way.

  5. works for me!!!!! i'd vacation almost anywhere..just to get a vacation!!
    gallbladder surgery...i felt so much better after i had mine out! mine was very simple...same day surgery. hope yours is an easy procedure.
    2 posts in one day..i am hoping this means you are having a better day.
    yes..i know all about waking with pain...i have done it for about 20 is no fun. if i didn't have grandkids living here,i would tolerate it better. but,since they live here,i can't make up for lost sleep (like we ever do!!). my heart goes out to you my friend!
    sending love and hugs....xo

  6. I don't know? I figure if it is cold outside where I live, it should be cold outside. But, then, this is inside, so maybe it's ok? I don't know! LOL! All I do know, is that all of us have to take care of mother earth! She is precious!! Will be thinking of you on wednesday!


  7. Amazing place Nicole . I would`nt have believed that it was man-made had I not read your article. And the I was imagining a reverse situation , a desert outside and snow inside the dome ! Coz the place that I come from is only hot , hotter and hottest the year round !
    But another thing that struck me was the creators vision and execution in making this place possible
    Kudos to the human mind for creating it !! Dosent it make you think that we humans are lucky to be blessed with such abilities,that we can find our own little piece of solace even in adverse situations .

  8. First, it took forever to figure out how to visit your blog, because I had no idea how to navigate your front page. And when I finally got here, I couldn't leave a comment. So I had to copy your blog address and put it in my translator. But I wanted to stop by and thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

    This is one unique post. I've never seen anything like it before. It reminds me of the "faux" villages and scenes that were in the old Star Trek tv shows. Truly amazing, though.

    I'm sorry to read you have lupus. I also have it, along with a rare form of arthritis I've had since birth. Good luck with your surgery. I truly hope it's successful.

  9. I'm glad you're cleared for surgery and can get some relief. I'll be sending you extra positive vibes all day Wednesday.

    As a coastal person, the resort sort of horrifies me. The Las Vegas versions of European cities and the Chinese exact replicas of European villages creep me out in much the same way. I'm not sure how I'd feel if I was originally from a cold weather area.

  10. Not sure if I like this. I like my nature......well, naturally. And I don't want to imagine the energy costs for this resort...... Hugs and good luck with the surgery. I hope you'll feel better after this.

  11. glad to hear you're well enough to have the problematic gallbladder removed. will send extra good thoughts your way this week...

  12. So happy that you will be getting rid of that gallbladder of yours. Trouble making little thing that it is. No I don't think I would go into something like that. That could be real bad if that thing started coming apart with that many people in it. I would rather be in the real nature with fewer people. It really is kind of creepy to think that people really would pay to get in to that sort of device. Wishing you a stress free Monday!



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