Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Quick note to let all of you wonderful people know that I am GOOD!!! The actual surgery only took about 45 minutes and everything went very well. My doctor just happens to be the best at this surgery. I am thankful I was able to get him.
Coming out of anesthesia was the difficult part but I was home an in my own bed by 12:30
Drank gallons of Gator aid and water. There is no pain to speak of. My stomach feel tight and where my gallbladder was it pulls when I stand up straight or turn wrong. So the need for pain meds is a not issue for me. Yeahhh...My stomach looks like they beat me up it is all bruised and the surgery sties are really bruised. Ahhhh no you will not be getting a photo of my tummy. LOL 
I won't be running any races soon but I feel so much better knowing this bag of rocks is out of me. I will be getting my stones after pathology. It takes about two weeks. Yes I will be creating with them. If they are strong enough my friend and I will make some cabs from that gimonsterous rock and then run them all through the tumbling machine. I do know they come in an array of colors so it will be exciting to see what color mine are. Geee did you ever know a person so excited to have gallbladder surgery and then more excited to get the stones. Heyyy you all know I am just a wee bit on the touched side. LOL
I am so honored to have friends like all of you. I cherish each and every one of you and all the prayers, healing energy and positive thoughts will come back to you. Thank you from the bottom of my and the top of my  heart.
So here are some photos of gallstones.

 These amber colors are petty cool

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I am so happy everything went well! At first, I thought all those stones came out of you! LOL I had no idea gall stones varied so much. I wish you a speedy recovery. Take it easy. - Marlene

  2. Congrats on the great surgery! It is all over! Yeah! The pictures of the stones are amazing, I will be looking forward to seeing what yours look like and what you do with them. Take plenty of time to get well.

  3. Your humor is terrific Nicole and sure to be a positive factor in your healing process! Really, creating something from your stones of gall! Funny!!!

  4. Glad it went well. I wasn't worried for you. I had that surgery a year ago. I was lucky..they found a 2nd gall bladder which is usually cancerous when they discover them (they are rare). My recovery went super well and I was back to work in 2 weeks.
    xx, Carol

  5. Glad to hear it went so well. I was wondering if you'd get your stones and make something from them! I would have... Get well soon! xo Peggy

  6. Nicole, I'm so happy that it went well and that you're doing OK!

    I love the idea of putting the gall stones in the tumbler. How cool that they come in different colors. :)

  7. I am glad to hear that your surgery went well, Nicole. I wish you a quick recovery. wow, those gall stones are something else!

  8. So happy for you! Now you can heal and feel better again. When I was reading your post I thought to myself, she better not get and pearls out of the deal or she will think she is an oyster. LOL I so can't believe you are going to create with them. That is just over the top. So glad you are feeling better! Sending healing energy your way.....


  9. I am so so happy to hear that everything went so well! It is funny to think that you will be creating something with your stones--I had no idea what they actually looked like. They are kinda cool!

  10. Well, those are ALMOST pretty enough to bead around - hope you continue to heal well, and are back in the groove in no time! Tanya

  11. So glad surgery was successful and that you are feeling much better.

  12. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..I am so pleased..and I know you are!
    so make something pretty out of gallstones! never occurred to me to ask for mine! i can hardly wait to see what you make!..I do have my grandkids umbilical cords in my medicine bag..along with other impt. things.
    i hope that your body heals quickly and the removal of the stones helps your body become more balanced,and helps you to feel better.
    sending love and hugs.....xoxo

  13. Best wishes from our group of Romania!
    We admire your courage and humor!
    In deed you are a fighter!

  14. Hi Nicole. Glad everything went well. How exciting that you keep your stones...ahem.:) tee hee. Your humor is contagious.:) Speedy recovery friend and blessings to you. Viva Nicole!!! Yay!!:D

  15. So relieved to know you are better. Keep on that track!

  16. Yeh, so happy everything went well ;o) These stones actually look pretty cool! LOL! It will be interesting to see what you create from them! Please rest and get all healed! Hugs ;o) You know what, you got me thinking, I still have my wisdom tooth, I wonder if I could make something from that? LOL!

  17. I am so glad it is over and you are doing well. Take it easy my friend! Just rest!!! Sweet hugs!


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