Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Yesterday I had another ultrasound. It was hilarious!!! The tech is a young girl that has a great personality. I get on the table and ready to go. I was happy that the gel was warm as the test began. We had already discussed that I had a huge stone that was seen in the ER. The tech turned the screen so I could see my "innards" LOL
The tech says, "ohh there is another big one" and "oops another." "OMGosh look at these" She looked down at me and said, "Yep this gallbladder is coming out!" We both started cracking up. I have one gimonsterous stone, 4 or 5  huge stones and we lost count on the medium to small stones. hhhmmmmm no wonder I feel like a truck hit me. LOL I see the surgeon this morning to find out when we can get this done. My daughter was laughing with me as she told me I had a "bag o stones" in my belly. I told her to just call me "ROCKY"
So this last weekend I felt good enough to bead a bit while I rested in bed. I made some bezeled Rivoils. Since they only take 5 minutes each to make this was a good project.
Now these are stones!!!

 Have a very nice day today and thank you for all your well wishes, and for sharing your medical issues with me as well. Being here for one another is an important key to keeping us strong.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. No wonder you don't feel well is right!! Wow. Good to see a light at the end of the tunnel (and it's not a train!). Hope it goes well at the surgeon's.

  2. Hopefully, you will have this behind you soon! The Rivolis are gorgeous and I'm sure beading helped picked up your spirit, too.

  3. Yes, beautiful photo. I love those colors beautiful jewelry.

  4. It's good to know that you have a definite diagnosis with a fairly simple treatment. Thank goodness for laparoscopy! ~More healing vibes are floating your way~

    Lovely work--it's hard for a non-seed beader to imagine that one of those could be made in five minutes. Amazing!

  5. The rivolis are beautiful . Lovely colors . Sorry to hear that you have been unwell . But I admire your positive spirit in looking at things in a lighter note and I`m sure you will overcome this discomfort very soon . My prayers are with you

  6. A "bag" of stones sounds uncomfortable to say the least! The rivolis are beautiful.

  7. Rocky, I am so happy everything went well ;o) Your creations are so beautiful!

  8. Sorry to hear of your illness but glad you have discovered the cause and have a plan of action. Your great attitude gets you through such awful ordeals, you are a great example for a life well lived.

  9. WOW! You are a very strong woman! Most people would have fallen out with that many "stones". That is just unbelievable. Sure hope they can remove it so that you can get on the mend quickly. I love, love, love your Rivoils! They are gorgeous! It's so kewl that you are still creating while doing all of these tests. Kudos to you and your great attitude!



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