Friday, February 1, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Lisa at A Bead A Day and Dagi from Kokopelli  have posted about loving winter. Well hee hee hee all of you know how much I DISLIKE winter. I guess because it always feels like winter here on the Oregon coast. It is never warm where I live. In my younger days I lived in snow country always. From Alaska to North Id.  Mike and I did all kinds of winter things including snow camping. I bow hunted and was part of the winter. Now being older and not as strong as I once was I really don't want to have to deal with snow, or cold, or winter.  My heart is in AZ where the sun shines and the sun is warm to hot!  With all of that said. This piece was made for a winter. It was published in Bead Design Studio several years after I created it.
This is my Winter Ice
 White carved dicro glass
 Sterling silver rounds and rice beads
 Silverline crystal seed beads
 Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver Clasp

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I am so with you on the winter thing. I grew up in Western PA and had to move away from the snow and gloom of winter. We live in DE which still gets some but not as much winter... and way more sunshine! That is a beautiful piece of winter work!

  2. Wonderful, elegant and lovely!!!

  3. That is so magnificent! It certainly has the right name, too. I really enjoy the change of seasons and cannot complain too much since this winter has been relatively mild. Talk to me in another 10 years though, LOL!

  4. a breathtaking piece!
    i don't have to live in the snow...never have...but Nova Scotia or the NE part of Maine is screaming for me! my husband loves the cold..hates the heat! i hate the 110 degree summers we've had recently..i guess if my a/c worked,i'd hate it less!
    your Winter Ice piece makes me think of the Ice Palace in the movie Dr. Zhivago..i can hear the music now!!

  5. mir fehlen die Worte! Fantastisch!!!

  6. Oh my...this is BEAUTIFUL!! Your work never ceases to amaze me Nicole. Ya know that I don't like the cold either (so hard wearing socks with my flip flops..hehe) I hope that it either warms up there or you move to a warmer, sunnier climate soon. Our earth girl needs to rekindle!!!

    Triple fingers crossed,

  7. seasons change, both the earth and ours
    sounds like you want to be summer

    this is an incredibly enchanting piece, so very beautiful!

  8. Yes, I like that design, wonderful love.

  9. Wow, Downton Abbey has nothing on you!! What stunning pieces! Lovely work.

  10. Very nice!! I do love winter and snow but here in New England we haven't had enough snow to really give my new snowshoes a workout. Lovely necklace!

  11. Like you, I am solar powered. One pretty white snowfall is enough for me. After that I'd be just has happy in 70's with sunshine (or warmer.) We're in a little band of snow right now in WI that we're getting 1" or 2-3" every night lately. Those darn Alberta clippers.... well Alberta can take her clipper and________. May you have many sunny days in your near future!


  12. Wow it's stunning! I love everything about it, Nicole!
    I hate winter too, and look forward to the hot summer days of summer.

  13. Winter in my eyes has to fulfil certain expectations. I hate wet mild winters with rain. There has to be some snow and it should be cold. But when spring comes I'm looking forward to flowers and warmer temps. :) Wonderful winter piece, Nicole and thanks for linking my blog!

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