Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Hope your New Year came in with a bang. Ours did. No we don't go out any more but we do light a few fire crackers to ward off the negative. I have a few other things I do for the new year. Such as my house must be spotless so it will be that way all year. (wish I had a house keeper for that LOL) I wear red today, place coins in my windows, and NEVER cut your hair the first week of  the New Year. What do you do the first day of a new year? My kids do eat black eyed peas and greens.
So why the "shine" in my title? Well the first day of the year and we have sun shine!!!!! Yeahhh it is cold out but that's OK. No grey, no clouds. Love it!!! If you want some shine my Beadwright Etsy store is open with lots of shine. Swarovski Shine!!! Head over to check out all of the Swarovski Rivolis. Oh and Nicole's BeadBacking comes with the Crystals.
So today shine on and have a really great day.
How can anyone pass up the "haze" coatings. The colors are amazing.
 And the Ultra..... Wow they have such depth.
Mixed Bag Wow

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. happy new year nicole! i love swarowski's blingbling shining!

  2. Glad your New Year has started off right with a little sun shine!

  3. Aunt Esther always ate black eyed peas, greens and pig trotters. I always drank champagne -grin-.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year! I like a clean house too! I have never heard about placing coins in the windows and not getting your hair cut. Very interesting! Great new items for your store!


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