Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hi Everyone!
If you are into, enthralled, engrossed, wish you lived in, The Game of Thrones, then welcome to my world. I cannot get enough of the books, the series, the stars and their characters they play. I told Mike one day, as I was watching series one for the millionth time, that I wished I lived there. He looked at me with a grin and said, "Honey, you already do."  LOL So knowing all the above my mom, who loves "GOT" mentioned she wanted a bumper sticker that read, "Winter is Coming" So I made her one.
I think it turned out pretty well. Especially since my mom's business is "onedancingcrow"

Have a great day everyone!
Honor and Integrity in Life in
Art Nicole/Beadwright


  1. I just love Game of Thrones, now I'm reading second book A Clash of Kings, but I hate G R R Martin for killing so many Starks :(

  2. This is fantastic!!! Your mom is going to love this! I love Game Of Thrones and of course, I love crows ;o) Have a great day!!!

  3. Love it!!! Has Mom seen it yet?

  4. I LOVE GOT, my whole family is hooked on it. I think they did such a great job with the series and staying true to the books. And the casting is amazing. Love the bumper sticker too, great job!


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