Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hi Everyone!

If you are a Dead Head, no no no I don't mean the "Grateful Dead" I am talking about "The Walking Dead"!!! Season 3 premiers tonight! AMC at 9 PM. I have the first two series and just can't get enough of the story or the characters. Norman Reedus AKA Daryl Dixen, is my hero. Tough guy with a warm heart he hates to show.

I love to that the women are finally getting stronger. I think we should watch Melissa McBride AKA Carol
I also hope these two Daryl and Carol finally hook up. LOL

A few new stars this season too The Governor is David Morrissey Ohhh yeaahhh.

and Dania Gurira AKA Michonne, has a short intro at the end of season 2. She is going to prove to be not only beautiful but tough and ready to fight

So today I am beading with season two playing on my TV and at 9 PM I will be watching season 3 of
The Walking Dead. I am so easy to please, beads and zombies LOL

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  1. I am MORE than excited that Walking Dead has returned...Darryl is DEFINITELY the "go-to guy" that I want with me, facing zombies - and I've been hoping that him and Carol get something going, too. AMC has the BEST original shows on tv, in my estimation...did you get into the Hell on Wheels series (it just ended the second season last Sunday)? Happy Zombie Sunday, Nicole...Tanya

  2. Yep it is zombie Sunday here. I too like the shows on AMC can you believe that Dish dropped this and many other channels?

  3. Yay, beads and zombies!!! I don't think it gets much better, unless we add chocolate to the mix. :)

    I don't have television, so I have to wait until season 3 comes out on DVD. I'm currently waiting for season 2 to be available at the library, even though I know one of my favorite characters (Dale!!!) doesn't make it. I still can't wait.


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