Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I have been busy busy busy today. I wanted to post the Raven in Beads this morning but time got away from me. Then I was off to have lunch with my beading pals. Home to do.... what ever.... and now I am finally on line. Wheewwww.... all of that to show you my finished piece.
Yesterday's post showed you the loomed beading which only took about 30 minutes. While a piece of deer hide was soaking I added some embellishments to the loom work. Then sculpted the leather and set the loom piece in place. Removed the loom piece then dry the leather. It only take a few minutes with the heat gun. Attach the bead piece and add more embellishments.
A very nice fall wall hanging for just about any room
Hope you enjoy the process and the piece.

Added the edging and embellishments
 Soak, stretch and lightly sculpt the leather. I always work this on a marble slab
especially when drying the leather

And here you have it all finished

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


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