Friday, September 7, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Today I am busy as ever, physical therapy and then a million and one things to do. After that I am home for the entire weekend. I do not have to go out for anything. I am tuning the phone off, locking the door and finishing up these orders I have. LOL

Do you like working with tiny micro beads? I love it! I have some very old Italian and French size 24 seed beads. I have them in my keep forever bead box LOL. However, if you do like to work with tiny seeds I have some listed in my Beadwright Etsy store and the prices are EXCELLENT!!!

Black Matt and crystal size 20/o bugles

Micro bugles 1x3mm soooo cool

2mm twisted bugles

Also I am so excited about the leather I am offering in my Beadwright etsy store
There is nothing better than fashion leather to match with Nicole's BeadBacking and to finish your beading projects with. This set includes
2 deer hide in light gray and off white. One cow hide in shinny Chartreuse, and three lamb in deep purple, forest brown, and metallic dark silver. These are cut to about 6x4 inches.

These two pieces are so incredibly shinny the Chartreuse is almost dichroic.  I would love a vest out of these.

 The depth of the deep purple is amazing

 I love all these colors
Each piece is big enough to make a medicine pouch or coin bag. Or even sculpt a small mask or face.
These are limited so get your supplies while they last.
and don't forget your Nicole's BeadBacking

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art

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  1. Oh my those are teeny tiny beads! You must have excellent eyesight...or good magnifiers!


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